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Read what Deborah from North Carolina had to say: 

“I ordered the Drink-Aide® two weeks ago for my mom in California. Lynne kindly spent time talking with me on the phone about your product and let me ask numerous questions. My mom, almost three years post-accident that left her an incomplete C-5 quad, has been very reluctant to try anything new. Suggestions for something as simple as this drinking cup have been met with resistance. 


Your cup arrived at her home, my dad affixed it to her chair, and last night she told me she liked the cup, it didn't have a 'funky' taste, and that it gave her some INDEPENDENCE. You people have worked a wondrous miracle. It's not just giving her the ability to drink on her own, and my dad some relief from that constant chore, it's opening the door for us to get her to try new things again.


Now when we have a suggestion that she hesitates over, we can remind her of the Drink-Aide®, and maybe, just maybe, if she'll just try she'll be surprised and find that it too will also make her life a little better. You have no idea. If I could come right up there and hug your necks, I would. Thank you."

If you have a Drink-Aide® water bottle, we would love to hear what you have to say about it. Please e-mail us with your comments.