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Programs and Services

Adapted Technology Program

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The Adapted Technology Program (ATP) at Inglis has connected people with physical disabilities to the world through technology for more than 20 years.

Long recognized for its outstanding work with residents using the Inglis House Computer Lab, the program has recently expanded through grant funding, so that people of all ages with disabilities throughout the Delaware Valley can increase their computer access and skills.

Highlights of the ATP @ Inglis include:

  • Creating access to computers and adapted technology for approximately 250 residents of Inglis House through the Adapted Technology Lab. Thirty-five workstations are available days, evenings, and weekends, and can be quickly modified to meet personal user needs by highly skilled, dedicated staff members.
  • Testing and use of the latest technology (e.g., Tobii Eye Gaze, Tecla Shield and 3D printing equipment) to accommodate consumers with multiple disabilities.
  • Serving consumers (ages 18-100!) with goals-oriented skills assessments, software and applications workshops, along with 1:1 individualized training and support.
  • Testing and developing national prototype standards for accessible Personal Health Records (PHR) for people with disabilities with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and WGBH Boston through NIDRR/Department of Education grant.
  • Pioneering advances in telemedicine, occupational and physical therapy services through the Inglis Community LIFE program.
  • Empowering consumers and residents throughout Inglis’ 200+ housing units to have greater control of their lives through adaptive/assistive technologies and environmental control units.
  • Engaging and training the next generation of adapted/assistive tech leaders through two internships providing hands-on experience with residents and consumers. Inglis is recognized as a Fieldwork Educator of the Year by the Regional Consortium (2013).
  • Incorporating state-of-the-art accessibility standards (supported by grant funding) for users with multiple disabilities
  • Providing tech support for the myriad personal electronic devices used by residents and consumers via a grant supported internship.
  • Partnering with the Pennsylvania Technology Foundation (PATF) to help consumers fund computer and adapted technology purchases to improve their computer literacy and access.
  • Gaining program recognition via  Access Achievement Awards from the Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on People with Disabilities for the Adapted Technology Lab (2010) and to Inglis (2012).
  • Employing staff who are RESNA- and ATIA-certified in Assisted Technology and who participate as active leaders in local educational and technology partnerships.

Please contact ATP administrators: Lea Frontino, VP, Innovation (215) 581-0770; or Dawn Waller, Program Director, (215) 581-0735 for additional information.