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Community Support Services

Day Program

The Inglis Day Program is unique because it serves a diverse group of adults.

We serve adults (18 and older) with physical disabilities who live independently in the community. Staying active is important, and the Inglis Day Program offers stimulating programs which promote the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of participants. Group and individual activities encourage independence and personal growth.

While loved ones attend the program, family members enjoy peace of mind and caregivers get an important respite during the day.

To apply for the Inglis Day Program, please follow this link to download the application forms. We look forward to hearing from you.

Maximizing each person's potential, we offer a variety of recreational programs, including:

  • Nutrition assessment
  • Medication management
  • Diabetes instrumentation
  • Therapeutic movement and exercise sessions
  • Cooking
  • Creative arts
  • Horticulture and fresh flower arranging
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Music appreciation
  • Health monitoring
  • Computers & Adapted Technology Training

Recreational programs like these help restore, strengthen and maintain wellbeing. Program benefits include cognitive and physical stimulation, socialization, community involvement, the opportunity to gain new interests and rekindle past interests, and finding new methods of self-expression. 

Professional Services

The Inglis Adult Day Program professionals help consumers gain access to community services they need and keep the consumer's other social service agencies informed. Nursing services monitor changes in health, provide physical assessments and general health screenings, and keep the consumer's primary care provider informed, as needed. Caregivers provide individual attention to meet the care needs of participants (such as activities of daily living - feeding, toileting, etc.).


To apply for the Inglis Day Program, please follow this link to download the application forms. We look forward to hearing from you.


Most participants travel to and from the Inglis Adult Day Program using SEPTA CCT Connect. Others rely on caregivers for transportation.


The Inglis Adult Day Program accepts payment from both private and public sources. Participants may be eligible for funding from The Philadelphia Corporation on Aging, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare or the Veterans Administration. In addition, the Inglis Day Program accepts numerous state and federal waivers for payment.  The Day Program staff can assist participants, family members or other caregivers in finding funding sources.

To learn more about the Inglis Day Program, please call our customer service center toll-free at 1.866.2.INGLIS (1.866.246.4547), or email us at