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Original plans in 1927, called for a fountain in our courtyard. Now, Inglis welcomes the fountain and the renovation and revitalization of our courtyard for all to enjoy.

The Annual Inglis Keen Games - A Tradition of Wheelchair Sports begun in 1976. 2013 Games were a huge success - more than 120 resident athletes and 100+ volunteers!

The Inglis mission is to enable people with disabilities — and those who care for them — to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest.

Inglis offers more than 200 safe, accessible and affordable housing units throughout the region. Plans include 50 more by 2015, and an additional 50 by 2020.

MS WALK 2014 — Join the Inglis Movers & Shakers - residents, consumers, family and friends - joining together to raise funds for MS research.

Inglis’ patented Drink-Aide® hands-free water bottle was conceived and is assembled in-house, by therapists and residents together.

Inglis’ Adapted Technology program empowers people with disabilities to have better control of their own lives, medical care, finances, and so much more.

Established in 1984, the Inglis Day Program provides opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in social, educational, and wellness activities.

Every day, Inglis helps nearly 1,000 people with advanced multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, and numerous other disabilities.

Each year, Inglis Community Based Services supports hundreds of people with disabilities living independently in the community.

Nearly 300 people with significant physical disabilities from across the country receive 24-hour care and live full, engaged lives at Inglis House.

President's Message

I am proud to share with you, some wonderful stories from our community in the hope they will warm your heart as they have ours.


Photographer's Choice

Some choices were beyond Jaleel's control.  The rest have all been up to him - and he has made the most of them.


Disability in the News

Dr. Dan Gottlieb releases new book, "The Wisdom We're Born With."  Read this great feature article from