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Programs and Services

Innovation Center

Inglis' central hub for community-based programming

For more than half a centruy, Inglis has been supporting people with disabilities who live independently in the community. 

Inglis opened its Day Visitor Program (the predecessor of the Connections Adult Day Program) in 1968.  And we have been expanding our presence in the communtiy ever since - Assitive Technology, Care Management, Employment Services, Journeys Peer Support, Resident Services Coordination, and so much more.

The first Innovation Center opened in Philadelphia in December 2019, right next to Inglis' main Belmont Avenue Campus. 

And Inglis will open the Innovation Center Pittsburgh summer 2023 offering some of the same progrmas to enhance resources, services, and programming for people with disabilities in the Pittsburgh area.

Both of the Inglis Innovation Centers allow individuals with disabilities to access a wide variety of programs and services, all under one roof.

Thanks to ever-advancing innovations in technology, care, and supportive services, more people with disabilities are choosing to live independently in the community. 

Offering a variety of programs and resources, Inglis continues its long tradition of commitment to redefining ability & independence — enabling people with disabilities to live the lives they choose, how they choose.

For more information about Inglis Innovation Centers: