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Programs and Services

Innovation Center

Inglis' home for community-based programming

Inglis Innovation Center Opens - follow this link to see media coverage!

The Inglis Innovation Center opened just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic turned everything upside down and shuttered the Center along with its programs.  

Conceived to be the central hub for all the community-based programming here at Inglis, the Innovation Center allows individuals with disabilities to access a wide variety of programs and services, all under one roof.

Founded in 1877, Inglis has nearly 150 years of expertise in disability support and services. And for more than half a century, we have been focused on directing that expertise to assist people with disabilities who live independently in the community.

Thanks to ever-advancing innovations in technology, care, and supportive services, more people with disabilities are choosing to live independently in the community. 

Offering a variety of programs and resources, Inglis continues its long tradition of commitment to redefining ability & independence — enabling people with disabilities to live the lives they choose, how they choose

Inglis Community Services offered through the Innovation Center (and beyond) include:

For more information or to ask about participating in any of our Innovation Center/Community Services programs, please contact us at 267-295-5400 or