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Assistive Technology Program

Smart Home Tech in Action

"Hey, Alexa: Show me something awesome!" 

Meet Richard.

As you’ll hear, Richard’s ability to verbalize certain words clearly enough for Alexa to understand made using smart home technology “right out of the box” a challenge.

With Richard’s tenacity and the determination of Inglis’ AT team, it was nothing a little ingenuity couldn’t fix. Using words easier to say, like “mom” instead of “kitchen light,” there’s nothing Richard can’t do with his new smart home.

Our teams work with consumers to determine their needs and the equipment and training each person needs.  We also partner with companies such as Amazon, Mobiquity (who make the skills the Echo uses to turn on lights, play music, or open the front door, etc) as well as Comcast, WGBH-Boston and many others.  These partnerships allow us to expand the reach of technology for the disability community and encourage businesses to consider the needs of the disabled population during product development.

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