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How Do You Want the World to See You? - Music Video

(This video's song lyrics are closed-captioned. If closed captioning is not visible 
during playback, click the "CC" icon in the lower right of the video window) )

Canadian singer/songwriter, Justin Hines shared with us his song, Courage, allowing us to use it for our first music video as we celebrated our 135th Anniversary in 2012. 

A wheelchair user himself (he was born with Larsen Syndrome, a joint dislocation disease) Justin embodies the Inglis mission. Justin was eager to support us then and has once again allowed us to use one of his songs to ask an essential question of residents, staff, and others – as a way to share the Inglis experience. 

The lyrics of Justin’s song, “See You Like I Do” reminds us that we may not always be seen in the way we hope or want, so we need to make sure we work to change perceptions.  

Since 1877, Inglis has been helping people with disabilities to be seen as they are; as people who live with purpose, dignity, and autonomy. People who can achieve their goals and live life to the fullest; and who redefine ability and independence every day.