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Board of Directors

Inglis Community Services Board

Executive Committee


Fady B. Sahhar, PhD

President - XtraGlobex, Inc.

Inglis has made a strong commitment to developing innovative approaches to enhancing consumers' lives in the community.  The systems advocacy, leadership, and thoughtful...


James G. Logue, Esq.

Partner - McCausland Keen + Buckman

Every day the men and women Inglis serves, and those who care for them, reinforce the power of inclusion, independence, and innovation.  I am fortunate to have a front-row...


Anwesha Dutta, BS, MBA, CPHIMS

Managing Director - Deloitte Consulting,
Healthcare Practice - Tech Strategy

I have chosen to work with Inglis because it has changed my perspective on life. When I interact with the Inglis residents, leaders, staff and community, I realize every single...


Cynthia Witman Daley

Director of Community Development Initiatives -
Regional Housing Legal Services

I came to Inglis Community Services by way of Self-Determination Housing of Pennsylvania, the newest program of ICS addressing the needs of people with disabilities for safe,...

Leslie Van Alstyne

Director of Operations - Capital Guide at ECRI

As a person living with a disability, I appreciate, applaud, and support the mission of Inglis. I became a member of the Board in order to help the disabled community and hope to...