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Working for Inglis

Performance Management

At Inglis we believe every staff member should be able to answer these questions about their job and their performance:

  • What do you want me to do?
  • How am I doing?

Each year you and your supervisor will discuss Inglis’ goals, the goals of your department or area, and your personal goals, as you set specific criteria for you to achieve them. Throughout the year, these goals will be the basis of discussions about your performance. The LIST ONE values are also an important part of Inglis’ performance management system. You and your supervisor will evaluate how well you reflect these values in your work performance.

If Inglis sounds right for you, please explore our job listings. We offer rewarding pay, excellent benefits, paid vacation time (for all positions) and tuition reimbursement (for eligible positions). Most of all, we offer a great opportunity for you to achieve your goals and live life to the fullest!

Mail or email your resume to:
Inglis Human Resources
2600 Belmont Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
(215) 581-0722