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Working for Inglis


As an Inglis employee you are an important part of our mission: Inglis enables people with disabilities — and those who care for them — to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest.

All Inglis employees are caregivers — although not all give direct care to residents or consumers. Our goal in Human Resources is to ensure that Inglis employees have the skills and resources they need to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest.

At Inglis, we choose team members for merit, skill and competence. Successful employees are committed to carrying out our mission, serving others, and living our LIST ONE values. We welcome great people to work at Inglis without regard to disability, race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, military service, marital status, or any other characteristics, as protected by law.

The LIST ONE values provide a framework for each staff member to use in approaching on-the-job situations at Inglis.

LEARN: We seek to gain knowledge and wisdom from life's experiences. Every success, every action and every failure provides an opportunity for learning and continuous improvement.

INTEGRITY: We think, act and behave consistent with our commitment to the Inglis mission and our values. We share our thoughts and opinions openly with honesty, courage, truth and compassion. We make commitments wisely and act upon those commitments fully.

SERVICE: We seek to serve our clients, colleagues and community as we would want to be served. We put others’ needs and interests ahead of our own and seek to find win‐win solutions to problems and issues.

TEAMWORK: We are a team, working together to make Inglis the finest organization serving people with physical disabilities in the world. We know that teamwork is essential to achieving that goal and work to build relationships with others based upon both trust and trustworthiness.


NO EXCUSES, NO BLAME: Just individual and shared accountability.

EXCELLENCE: We seek to set the standard for excellence in everything we do.

We seek to create an environment where the best people can do their best work. That means creating a culture built on a shared purpose, worthwhile work, mutual respect, and appreciation for the similarities and differences that make people unique. We know that we all do our best work where trust is earned, diversity is respected and individuals can effectively contribute their talents, skills and experience.