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The Inglis mission is to enable people with disabilities — and those who care for them — to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest.

Inglis’ Adapted Technology program empowers people with disabilities to have better control of their own lives, medical care, finances, and so much more.

Established in 1984, the Inglis Day Program provides opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in social, educational, and wellness activities.

Inglis offers more than 350 safe, accessible and affordable housing units throughout the region. Plans include 50 more by 2020.

Our 17th Annual Golf Outing has been rescheduled for Monday, July 30th at the St. Davids Golf Club! We look forward to seeing you there.

Inglis is the largest provider of affordable, accessible housing for people with disabilities — with more than 300 units to date, and another 100 in the pipeline.

The 2016 Inglis Keen Games - Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Wheelchair Sports at Inglis was held Saturday, Sept. 10th, 2016. Another great year! More than 150 resident athletes and 100+ volunteers participated! Congratulations to all!

Founded in 1877 - Inglis is celebrating 140 Years of service and support to people with disabilities - and those who care for them - continuing to redefine ability & independence every day.

Original plans in 1927, called for a fountain in our courtyard. Thanks to donations, the entire Inglis Community now enjoys the fountain and renovated courtyard.

Check out Inglis' 140th Anniversary issue of Image from May 2017. Click here for the electronic version.

Every day, Inglis helps nearly 1,000 people with advanced multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, and numerous other disabilities.

Inglis up in lights! Celebrating 140 Years of Ability & Independence for people with disabilities, Inglis was highLIGHTED on the PECO building.

Nearly 300 people with significant physical disabilities from across the country receive 24-hour care and live full, engaged lives at Inglis House.

Drink-Aide® is Closed

Inglis Drink-Aide® has ceased production has closed. Thank you to all our valued customers. Follow this link to learn more.


New Issue of Image!

The Impact of YES!  The newest issue of Image is here and should have arrived in your mailbox!  check it out to see all the amazing ways our donors have shaped the Inglis Community.


2018 Keen Games

Inglis' Annual Keen Games - celebrating wheelchair sports since 1976 - were held Sept. 14 & 15 - our best games ever.


Disability in the News

December 3rd was  International Day of Disabled Persons - proclaimed by the United Nations in 1992. Inglis joined all, around the world, in celebration.