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Community Partnerships

Inglis works with many outside organizations that also serve the needs of people with disabilities in the areas of health care, housing, employment, education, formal and informal supports, recreation, socialization or transportation, either through provision of services or products, or with advocacy activities. Partnerships like these enable both organizations to expand the reach of their services and programs by not replicating services.

Partnering with other organizations whose missions are similar to Inglis’ extends the ability of both organizations to reach more people in need of their services or programs. Partnering means that neither organization needs to re-invent an existing program. Inglis has partnered with hundreds of community organizations throughout the Philadelphia area.

Inglis encourages lifelong learning for residents and staff.  There are a variety of ways to learn at Inglis – from Social Enrichment programming with lectures, trips, men’s and women’s groups, current affairs discussions, as well as adapted technology in the computer lab, to more formal education  for students through partnerships with area colleges and universities.

Inglis also provides a unique hands-on experience working with people with disabilities for nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and medical school students - from many area colleges and universities.

In 2006 Inglis initiated its Inglis Awards for Continuing Excellence (ACE) program offering non-restricted grants up to $10,000 to organizations that work to enable full participation by and inclusion of adults or children with physical disabilities – either by improving access or expanding services. To date, more than 40 area organizations have received ACE Awards.