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Inglis Community Services

Employment Services

Eliot at computer with headset

Inglis Employment Services provides hands-on supported employment services such as skill building, training, and partnership to assist those with disabilities obtain and maintain competitive, integrated employment.

With a team of Certified Employment Specialists, individuals receive expert guidance through the stages of pre-employment tasks, on-the-job training, and employment maintenance support.

Inglis Employment Services also partners with local businesses to educate employers about the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities and provides guidance for businesses to create a more diverse and integrated workforce.

In addition to providing direct job support services, Inglis offers opportunities for employment directly through contracts with external partners.

Services may include:

  • Job field exploration and assessment of interests
  • Skills assessments and attainment
  • Resume writing, interview preparedness
  • Job searching
  • On-the-job partnership and training
  • Support in obtaining disability-related accommodations
  • Education to support building healthy relationships with co-workers and managers

“For anyone interested in finding employment but doesn’t know how to get started – go to Inglis. That’s the best route. They help find employment that works with your disability, and accommodate you. They’ve been nothing but wonderful.”

Employment Services participant