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Assistive Technology Program

Inglis Assistive Tech Solutions

Inglis Assistive Tech Solutions (IATS) provides customized, goals-based assistive technology services for people with disabilities and older adults who are seeking to increase independence, social engagement, or life management through technology. 

Assistive technology (AT) is any low, mid, or high-tech tool, piece of equipment, software program, or system used to increase, maintain, or improve a person's ability to navigate their world more independently. AT can be anything from an angled stand for a keyboard to voice recognition software and everything in between. At Inglis, we include education related to software programs and internet use and safety also part of what Assistive Technology services can provide.

IATS Community Educators are certified Assistive Technology Professionals who are trained to assess an individual's strengths and needs, provide education and recommendations for using technology to overcoming impediments. Additionally, IATS staff will remain available to our customers long after installation and education are complete to ensure ongoing use of solutions through troubleshooting and education.

Services may include:

  • Software application use
  • Environmental hardware setup
  • Accessible gaming
  • Assistive technology device acquisition
  • Smart home implementation
  • Internet navigation
  • Email use and management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technology service acquisition
  • Independent life skills development (online shopping, social media, telehealth)

“Most of the time I am in a hospital bed.
Inglis made everything so much easier for me.
I’m happy I’m able to continue using my computer. Inglis really transformed my life.”

-Fred S.
AT program participant

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Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives - but we know, for many, navigating the online world can be intimidating - and we're here to help. Our ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) Certified staff provide individualized training to meet participants at their level and build their confidence to gain greater independence through technology 



Inglis Assistive Tech Solutions provides specialized, goals-based assistive technology (AT) assessment, education, & support.

  • ASSESSMENT: identifying individualized needs, capabilities, & goals    
  • SUPPORT: ongoing guidance, building confidence, & reinforcing knowledge 
  • EDUCATION:  developing training & testing various assistive technology 


IATS services are available virtually, on-site at facilities, in-person at our state-of-the-art AT computer lab, or in your home. 

For information about IATS,
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