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Our Story

Creativity in the Inglis Community

Bruce Garrabrandt, a self-taught artist from Lancaster County, PA once said, “Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.”  

These past many months, as the world appeared to freeze in time, seemed even more frozen for the Inglis Community. Residents in Inglis House were often quarantined in their rooms due to COVID safety protocols, and most programming paused; participants in community-based services were similarly “land-locked” at home and unable to attend the Connections day program, work at their jobs through Inglis Employment Services (though many returned after a long delay), receive in-person assistive technology support, or meet together with a certified peer specialist through Journeys. 

But like Garrabrandt said, “Creativity doesn’t wait.” And throughout this pandemic, members of the Inglis Community have shown their resiliency as they stitched together thousands of ordinary moments to create the sparks of creativity in their various passions. 

Whether those sparks developed into artwork, poetry, music, prose, photography, baking, crafts, or a multitude of other outlets — the flame of creativity burns brightly within the Inglis Community.

There is an abundance of creativity within the Inglis Community — and we will continually update these pages.  So vist often and see what new sparks of creativity have flourished.

We have gathered all of our creators into four categories, Visual Arts - for painters, photographers, mixed media, sculpture, etc.; Prose & Poetry - for our writers, poets, and storytellers; Music & Songwriting - for our musicians, lyricists, songwriters, chroal artists, etc.; and finally, Crafting & Other Expressions - for the chefs, the bakers, the knitters, the crocheters, the woodworkes, the flower arrangers, and so much more.

We hope you enjoy these pages and the work represented here, and celebarate the power creativity has to lift us up and carry us through even the darkest and most difficult times.