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Creativity in the Inglis Community

Crafting & Other Expressions

SUSAN WEXLER has been crocheting ever since she became paralyzed as a new hobby to occupy her free time. She also loves to knit, macramé, make stuffed animals, and weave using a loom.  Susan doesn’t necessarily consider herself to be an artist. She views crochet as a form of expression and is more of a craft than an art. “It keeps my mind busy, and my hands useful,” she said.  

Susan learned to crochet when she young and was taught by her grandmother. “After my accident, it was good to have something to do. During these times, it feels good to have an outlet – rather than just laying here.”  She started making bears because they were cute, fun, and had an easy pattern. “They’re something small I gave to my kids to remind them of me. It’s also my way of letting them know grandchildren are welcome,” she said with a smile.