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Inglis Assistive Tech Solutions

IATS Services

Inglis Assistive Tech Solutions can support participants in a variety of tasks, goals, and outcomes.  

Some possible training topics include:

  • Hardware/Software Selection, Use, and Setup – With technology, new devices, and new software being released every day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices available to you. From laptops to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; from word processing, email, spreadsheets or assistive technology applications like voice recognition or eye tracking software – IATS can assist with finding the right devices and software that fit your needs, capabilities, and goals.
  • Web Navigation & Social Media – How comfortable are you navigating the internet? Do you use the internet to search for things or find news? Or do you just want to use Social Media platforms to connect with friends and family all over the world?  IATS will help you learn the best and safest ways to engage online.
  • Online Shoping, Banking, Healthcare, Entertainment, etc. – Do you want to watch movies or a concert streaming online? How about buying groceries or a gift? What about managing your healthcare through the many online portals now available? IATS can help you achieve these tasks, personalized to your needs.
  • Video Calling & Messaging - Do you want to have a video chat with your family, friends, or your health providers? Partipate in online family or social gatherings? IATS is able to make sure you can use these tools to enhance your connections whatever your capabilities may be.
  • Adapted Gaming – Gamers with disabilities often encounter many barriers and we can help research solutions and products that can be adapted to the allow gaming in a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable way.  
  • Smart Home Set Up & Use– IATS can assess your home for access challenges, assist you with selecting the right technology to control and monitor your home, and train you in their use through your phone, tablet, and even using your voice.

Whatever your goals may be, IATS can help you achieve them. These services can be provided to individuals or scaled for groups.

For information about IATS, please contact us at or call us at 215-581-0767.