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Courage - Music Video

Justin Hines is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has toured the world sharing his story and music.  When Inglis celebrated our 135th Anniversary in 2012, we presented Justin at World Café Live! which was a huge success.  But it was his story that connected Justin to our community in profound ways. 

As a wheelchair user himself (he was born with Larsen Syndrome, a joint dislocation disease) Justin embodies the Inglis mission. Justin was eager to support Inglis’ mission and not only performed at World Café Live!, but he also gave a full concert for all the residents and staff at Inglis, and met one-on-one with residents, especially our musicians and songwriters.

In honor of the anniversary, we made a music video based on Justin’s song Courage in which we asked residents and staff what courage means to them.  You can see that video below.