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January 05, 2015

Assistive Technology Discussed on WHYY-FM

Disability in the News

On "The Pulse," the news program on WHYY-FM, they discuss stories "at the heart of health, science and innovation."  Recently, "The Pulse's" Todd Bookman visited Inglis to meet with Eliot Spindel, a resident at Inglis House, to learn about the voice recognition software he uses every day to control his computer.  A gifted programmer, Eliot is also the Inglis Webmaster.

Mr. Bookman’s story for "The Pulse" focused on the "Hype Cycle" with references the stages of development and implementation of new technologies and how they are perceived by the marketplace as their product life cycle follows a certain path.  The story discusses many technologies like biotech advances with "simulate organs" or the ubiquitous use of cloud computing as well as a more established technology such as voice recognition software.

Follow this link to the website for "The Pulse" and to the story. The link has both a print version of the story as well as the original audio clip. Elio's section begins around 6:50 into the story.(Link opens in new window)