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Community Engagement Specialist

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Inglis is seeking an ambitious Community Engagement Specialist to engage with and stay attuned to the needs, wants and desires of the disability community across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Community Engagement Specialist will achieve this by conducting market research and needs assessments regularly with stakeholders – service recipients, families, providers, caregivers, other partners - in the forms of surveys, focus groups and interviews to learn about the needs of the disability community.

The Community Engagement Specialist will utilize market research to inform the development, assessment, and successful start-up of new business development at Inglis and to enhance existing programs that support individuals with complex physical disabilities. This role will also be charged with sharing findings with the broader external disability community in support of Inglis’ thought leadership and collaboration efforts. 

Reporting to the Business Development Manager, this role serves as a consultant to senior leadership across service lines by collecting and disseminate learnings from external stakeholder engagement and market research efforts. 

Additionally, the Community Engagement Specialist is also responsible for tracking local and national trends, legislation, and innovations in health care, long-term supports and services, and technology supporting individuals with disabilities and proactively identifying potential opportunities for partnership, new, and enhanced services. The Community Engagement Specialist will need to develop a robust understanding of competitors and partners in the areas of LTSS services and affordable/accessible housing, and cultivate relationships with disability and housing providers throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Only applicants who include a cover letter will be considered for this position.

•    Engages with stakeholders – service recipients, families, providers, caregivers, other partners - regularly across the state to learn about the needs of the disability community. 
•    Conducts regular market research and needs assessments with stakeholders in the disability community in the forms of surveys, focus groups and interviews regularly (at least annually) to inform new business development strategies.
•    Develops and maintains thorough knowledge of Inglis' services, competition, and broader market dynamics that frame the business context, both present and over the next few years.
•    Collects market data, relevant research, funding sources, and other potential resources to support the assessment of new initiatives; makes recommendations and identify next steps in pursuing new concepts.
•    Utilizes effective project management strategies to track work and adhere to timelines.
•    Tracks trends in health care, affordable housing, payment models, new service lines, and the physical disability population/provider network.
•    Analyzes market research outcomes, feedback, and insights associated with strategic initiative goals, new business development, and current programs to recommend suggestions for improvements.
•    Builds trust and productive relationships with team members and stakeholders within and external to organization in relationship to Inglis’ business development goals.
•    Shows resourcefulness. Applies knowledge of internal structures, processes, and culture to resourcing efforts. Marshals resources (people, funding, material, support) to get things done; gets the most out of limited resources.
•    Demonstrates situational adaptability.  Adapts approach and demeanor in real time to match the shifting demands of different situations. Picks up on situational cues and adjusts in the moment.
•    Shares ideas with Inglis leaders through effective communication and collaboration.
•    Acts as thought partner in strategic discussions even outside of own projects.

•    Champion for culture change and supportive leadership.
•    Demonstrates politeness and respectfulness and evidences the self-awareness of the effect of their behavior on others. 
•    Demonstrates respect for diversity.
•    Is approachable & easy to talk with; puts forth an extra effort to make people at ease; is patient & builds a rapport with customers and is a good listener.
•    Is valued as a team player, has the trust & support of peers & promotes collaboration within the department.

•    Demonstrates Inglis people and leadership values and behaviors
•    Demonstrates the ability to follow-up on schedules, set priorities and achieve deadlines
•    Demonstrates the Inglis Code of Conduct and builds trusted partnerships throughout the Inglis organization.
•    Establishes and maintains effective relationships by gaining trust and respect.
•    Is approachable and easy to talk with; puts forth an extra effort to make people at ease; is patience and builds rapport with customers and is a good listener.
•    A team player and has the trust and support of peers.
•    Promotes collaboration within the department

•    Actively engages in the use of computer systems and technology to enhance the day-to-day flow of information i.e. responding to email messages in a timely fashion and using Outlook to manage meetings. 
•    Encourages and supports staff on the appropriate use of computer systems and technology
•    Understands common computer terminology and fundamentals of computers
•    Network account login, Basic Windows skills
•    Parts of the Windows desktop
•    Use the mouse; move and resize windows
•    File management, Open, view and print files
•    Save files, dating, and basic version control
•    When and why to store files in Desktop (C:\ drive), OneDrive, and Shared folders

•    Bachelor’s degree required
•    Minimum of three years of relevant professional experience
•    Experience conducting market research and/or needs assessments through surveys, focus groups and interview formats, data collection – and presenting analyses of the results
•    Experience/understanding of trends in health care, affordable housing, human services, and/or disabilities 
•    A self-starter; able to work well independently, as well as part of a cross-functional team
•    Curious, inquisitive and enthusiastic; takes the initiative, asks questions, and embraces opportunities 
•    Exceptional professional writing skills; including formatting/packaging information for various audiences preferred
•    Entrepreneurial; demonstrated experience in and passionate about starting new initiatives or program, and can articulate a return on investment from a mission and margin perspective
•    Strong project management and organizational skills

About Inglis:
Founded in 1877, Inglis has been supporting people with disabilities to live the lives they choose, where and how they choose. From adapted technology, independent living apartments, and other community-based programming, to long-term care – Inglis meets the needs of the people we serve along the continuum of care. 

Inglis has three key areas of programmatic focus under the “parent” of the Inglis organization, including: Inglis Housing Corporation, the largest private developer in the Philadelphia area of affordable, accessible independent living apartments for people with disabilities; Inglis House, our long-term care wheelchair community serving a younger population (average age is 54); and Community Support Services, a collection of programs that support people with disabilities who choose to live independently in the community. All of these services are supported with Inglis’ thought leadership in Adapted Technology and commitment to Person-Centered Care.

Inglis is a national leader in providing comprehensive care and services for people living with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders resulting in some level of paralysis and mobility impairment.

Inglis serves more than 1,000 people directly, and many more indirectly through its website and other outreach activities supporting its mission to “enable people with disabilities – and those who care for them – to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest.”

Inglis welcomes great people without regard to disability, race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, military service, marital status, or any other characteristics, as protected by law.  We encourage all Protected Veterans and the long-term unemployed to apply.  Please send resume to Inglis Human Resources, 2600 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131 or via email to   EOE, M/F/D/V