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Rehabilitation Aide

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Inglis enables people with disabilities – and those who care for them – to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest. The Rehabilitation Aide performs direct resident care under the supervision of the Rehabilitation Team included therapists and assistants. The Rehabilitation Aide has the primary responsibility of providing hands-on restorative and maintenance care to the residents on caseload. Treatments are provided both at the bedside and in the gym.  They are responsible for maintaining daily documentation of treatments, communicating with the restorative nursing coordinator, and rehab therapists regarding the progress/outcomes of residents and assisting in program modifications for the residents. They are responsible for identifying and communicating any issues encountered with implementation of a resident program these needs to both therapy and the restorative nursing coordinator.  Assists in maintaining a clean work environment in Wellness gym and related storage areas. Responsible for assisting in set up of residents for skilled treatment sessions in rehab gyms.  Provides minor repairs of resident issued splints and adaptive equipment.  Transports residents to restorative and skilled treatment sessions.  They will show readiness to work as a team member and adhere to all policies and procedures. They show a willingness to participate in initial and on-going in-service training. All essential job responsibilities will be executed in accordance with Inglis Administrative policies and compliance/ethics guidelines.  

Education & Experience

In addition to the necessary skills and experience to perform the responsibilities outlined above, there are a number of traits that a successful candidate will possess.  

  • High School diploma or equivalent. 
  • Demonstrated experience in Long Term Care, preferably in a rehab setting working with the individuals with physical disabilities. 
  • Successful completion of a RNP certification course or must complete the restorative nursing training course offered by the Rehab Department.  
  • Will participate in a specified amount of clinical training and development and demonstrate established competency standards.  

Essential Functions, Qualifications & Skills:

Clinical Competence

  • Demonstrates understanding of relevant neurological conditions and disease management strategies.
  • Supports resident in achieving maximal levels of independence and safety as reflected in individual goals and plan of care.
  • Provides restorative and/or maintenance programs as established and prescribed by treating therapist and/or nurse.
  • Helps residents onto exercise equipment and performs prescribed exercises and strengthening techniques.
  • Provides on-going monitoring of all residents participating in the gym.
  • Educates residents by demonstrating proper use of equipment and exercise routines.
  • Participates in wound prevention and management interventions including monitoring and care of specialty cushions and mattresses, repositioning of residents, etc.
  • Participates in planning and provision of Wellness related programming as assigned.
  • Demonstrates the ability to provide interventions on both an individual and group level.

Support Staff Duties

  • Transports residents to and from skilled and restorative treatment sessions as scheduled by the rehab staff 
  • Maintains cleanliness of work environment and adaptive equipment within rehab gyms on a daily basis including disinfecting equipment and treatment surfaces between resident use, ensuring access to clean linens for treatments, and laundering of hot pack covers and lift slings.
  • Maintains organization of assigned storage areas including routine decluttering.
  • Performs routine maintenance and management of all related equipment including daily monitoring of modality machine temperatures (hydroculator, cold pack, and paraffin machines) and monthly cleaning/defrosting of equipment.
  • Ensures operation of rehab equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufacturer's instruction; troubleshooting malfunctions; calling for repairs.
  • Assists therapists with set-up and transfers prior to and following skilled treatment sessions as indicated.
  • Provides minor repairs of resident issued splints, adaptive equipment, communication devices, environmental control units, and wheelchair positioning equipment as indicated.  
  • Performs routine cleaning of drink aide and smoking robot straws.
  • Laminates and attaches diet and smoking cards and alerts.   
  • Maintains supplies inventory by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed supplies.

About Inglis:

Founded in 1877, Inglis' Mission is to enable people with disabilities - and those who care for them - to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest Inglis House is a specialized, skilled nursing, long-term care community-based in Philadelphia, PA.  

Inglis House is a Person-Centered Care community specializing in services for 252 adults (mostly younger - average age is 46) with severe neurodegenerative physical disabilities resulting in paraplegia and quadriplegia.  Inglis' Person-Centered Care vision is to strive every day to create a homelike environment where residents and staff work together with autonomy and a deep sense of community. 

Along with providing medical and personal care, a key aspect of the mission of serving younger adults is recognizing that they typically have a wider range of needs than a geriatric nursing home resident. Younger adults, whether congenitally disabled or disabled later in life, struggle to achieve goals that give a sense of autonomy, mastery, and creativity.  Inglis House provides a range of medical, personal and enrichment services that enable residents to live life to the fullest. Our Adapted Technology program is nationally recognized - and can get anyone online. Inglis is one of only a handful of organizations in the country designated a "Center of Excellence in Long-term MS Care" by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and is one of only eight residential facilities throughout the United States offering such highly specialized, long-term care for people with physical disabilities.

Inglis also supports nearly 1000 people living independently in the community through resources including care management (helping people navigate the healthcare system), an innovative day program, Adapted Technology and community employment services.  

Inglis is the largest private provider of affordable, accessible housing in the Greater Philadelphia region with nearly 350 units, including 80 units opened at Inglis Gardens at Belmont in 2016 and 44 new units at Pennypack Crossing, developed with Conifer, opened November 2017 and more in development.

Inglis welcomes great people without regard to disability, race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, military service, marital status, or any other characteristics, as protected by law.  We encourage all Protected Veterans and the long-term unemployed to apply.  Please send resume to Inglis Human Resources, 2600 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131 or via email to  EOE, M/F/D/V