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March 14, 2015

Award Winning Website To Get Upgrades

Since our new website launched in May 2013, we have received rave reviews from all across the Inglis Community.  But we are not resting on our laurels.  We continue to strive to improve the user experience on the website, enhance the capacity for accessibility and update the graphic look and feel of the site as Inglis moves forward with its new brand image.

So during the next few months, the site will undergo some changes, enhancements and upgrades.  Most won't be noticeable - others will be very apparent.  But to begin with, we will need to take the site down for some programming updates.  The website will be down and unavailable Tuesday, March 17th from 9pm until 12am on March 18th.  We may complete the work sooner.

Our focus when we began the redesign process to launch this new site was to create a website that is fully accessible - for everyone - regardless if they use adapted technology to access the site, everyone should have the same experience.  We achieved the goal to create a site that "just worked" and looked no different due to the accessibility features.  But we took it a step further and made sure that this website would equally accessible on the back-end -- meaning a programmer who may have a disability could just as easily work on the website as someone without.

That was and remains an important mandate for us.  And we are very proud that The Pew Charitable Trusts recognized and endorsed that mandate but providing additional funding to Inglis to create this fully accessible website.

The Inglis website has been recognized for its design and accessibility tools with two major marketing/design awards:  Inglis was selected as "Best Website" by PR Daily's 2014 Nonprofit PR Awards and the 2014 Summit International Creative Awards gave the website Bronze recognition.