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May 23, 2017

Inglis Drink-Aide Water Bottle in Apple Video

Disability in the News

(This film is owned solely by Apple, Inc. and is shared here
only for entertainment and information purposes.)

Inglis staff and residents together helped to design, develop and patent the hands-free water bottle now known as Drink-Aide®.  The drinking bottle which attaches to a variety of wheelchairs is now sold both nationally and internationally.

Recently, Apple Computer launched a short video highlighting the accessibility features of the iPhone.  The subject of the ad, a wheelchair user from the Pacific Northwest, loves nature and birdwatching.

As you see him exploring and playing bird calls, you can clearly see his Drink-Aide® water bottle and straw on his wheelchair.

To learn more about Drink-Aide® - please follow this link to their section of the website where you may also order one of our water bottles.