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February 01, 2024

Partnering with NewCourtland to create a new kind of community!

Since Inglis began creating affordable, accessible independent-living housing in 1974, one key element has been developing partnerships – with funders like the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, social service organizations like Methodist Services, and housing developers like Conifer Realty and HumanGood. 

Partnering has become the watchword as the need for affordable and accessible independent-living housing continues to grow exponentially. Though Inglis was often on its own when developing accessible housing communities in the past, we know we are always stronger together. Joining with others to help create safe, affordable, and accessible housing with associated services such as assistive technology, social, mental health, wellness, and other supports always works better and creates stronger communities.

“Our goal is to get as much affordable and truly accessible housing out there as possible,” said Dyann Roth, President & CEO of Inglis. “We will continue to look at all strategies available to achieve that goal. One of the best ways is partnering with developers who are building communities in which we can help guide the integration of accessibility into those developments. We can get a lot more done that way, the need is too great,” she said. 

Over a year ago, Inglis Housing Corporation (IHC) began working with NewCourtland on an inclusive housing development, The Tower at Henry Avenue, in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia. NewCourtland is a non-profit operator and innovator of affordable senior housing with supportive services for medically complex seniors. Inglis helped design and will lease-up 20 accessible apartment units in the planned 173-apartment complex that will be highly desirable to a diverse tenant base consisting of low-income seniors, people with disabilities, young professionals, families, and empty nesters – creating an equitable housing environment. 

“NewCourtland is excited to be working with the team at Inglis to create an innovative and inclusive housing community at Henry Avenue in Northwest Philadelphia,” said Joe Duffey, President & CEO of NewCourtland. “Inglis brings essential expertise in accessibility and customized, goal-based assistive technology services for our residents seeking to increase independence and social engagement,” he said. 

The accessible units designed by Inglis adhere to Inglis’ accessibility protocols that far exceed standard compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, all the Inglis units will be further equipped with smart home technology for enhanced independence. 

“NewCourtland has been and continues to be a wonderful partner,” said Dyann. “They are not just a top-tier housing developer, they are a very mission-focused housing and services provider who cares deeply about those they serve. There is a wonderful alignment in our organizations’ approach,” Dyann said. 

The Tower at Henry Avenue, which includes the Inglis units, is expected to open Fall 2024.