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October 31, 2016

SEPTA Transit Strike - Settled!

SEPTA and the 5,700 members of the Transport Workers Union Local 234 have reached an agreement and the strike is now over.  It will still take nearly a full 24hrs for the SEPTA systemn to be fully back in service, according to SEPTA. 

All SEPTA bus, trolly & subway lines are now back in service.

THANK YOU from Gavin Kerr, Inglis President & CEO

Good Morning!  I imagine you were as relieved as I was to learn that the SEPTA strike had been settled this morning and that bus, trolley and subway service will be back to normal by tomorrow morning.  
I want to extend a special thank you to our colleagues who depend on SEPTA for your daily commute.  I am grateful for your dedication and professionalism in finding a way to work throughout the week.  
Between the strike and the Inglis House DoH survey, it was a challenging week and all of you have my deepest appreciation and respect.  
I am truly blessed to work with an extraordinary team of professionals.
- Gavin


All Inglis operations will continue as usual.  Staff are reminded to allow sufficient time for the delays they are likely to encounter. Staff should be in touch with their supervisors and Neighborhood Leaders regarding any modifications to job assignments.

Except for individuals taking sick or scheduled time off, absence from work will be charged as lost time and addressed per Inglis’ absenteeism and call out policy.

For more information, visit SEPTA's website. (link opens in a new window)