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Our Stories

Our Stories

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Dana Hirsch - Unleashing Artistic Talent

Dana, a published poet with cerebral palsy, had a strong desire to create art. But using conventional acrylic paints and brushes was too limiting. The Inglis Adapted Technology Program staff introduced Dana to computer-generated art. After equipping her with a Kensington Mouse trackball and instruction in the Paint program, Dana’s artistic talents began to flourish. Once she mastered that program, she wanted more: Different mediums, brushes, textures and options to expand her creative expression. The Corel Painter X program fulfilled that need, providing more options than Dana ever imagined.  Her art has been accepted in various art exhibits and silent auctions, illustrates notecards and even holds pride of place in the office of Inglis President and CEO Gavin Kerr. “Technology has freed my creativity from its physical boundaries,” says Dana. “I now can share my art.”