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Our Stories

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John Murphy

Giving Back today and in the future.

After retiring from a demanding human resources career, John Murphy felt he had “all the time in the world.” And since his brother lives with an intellectual disability, John began researching volunteer opportunities at organizations serving those with disabilities and identified Inglis. Now residents on our 2 North neighborhood eagerly anticipated his weekly visits. They’ve discovered they can rely on John’s commitment to make their lives better, whether it’s organizing their belongings, gathering out-of-reach supplies or simply lending an ear.

“Nothing we ask of John is too much trouble,” says resident Helen Staron. “He treats everyone with respect and really ‘gets’ our needs. He’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.” In recognition of his impact on our residents, John was named recipient of the Integrity Award, drawn from our Inglis LIST ONE values, at the 2014 Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. “The relationships I’ve forged with the residents keep me involved at Inglis,” says John. “When I’m here, it’s like seeing friends, we share in each other’s lives and it’s very fulfilling.”

Recently, John and his husband Tom Ayers (l. to r. in photo) took an additional step to demonstrate their commitment to Inglis by joining the Annie Inglis Society--a group of thoughtful people who have included Inglis in their estate plans. “Tom and I feel incredibly fortunate. We have enough resources today to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life together,” says John. “Though my volunteering, I have gained some insight into the lives of residents, leading us to want to leave something behind in addition to my volunteer hours. If our gift one day helps bring a better life to the residents of Inglis House, this will bring us great happiness."