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Frequently Asked Questions

Inglis House

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How many residents do you have?

We have 252 rooms all of which are private.  Each resident lives in a neighborhood with their own staff, showers, and solarium.

What insurance do you accept?

Inglis accepts Medicare, Medicaid and some forms of private insurance. Contact Inglis for assistance in determining if you have appropriate coverage.

Are meals included?

All three meals plus snacks are included.  We also have special holiday and party meals.  Our menu committee meets monthly with the dining services director to provide meals that are nutritious and delicious.

What kind of activities do you have?

We have therapeutic recreation programming seven days-a-week, ranging from gardening to dance classes to religious studies, and many more. If you are interested in an activity that is not on the calendar speak with the recreation department so they can explore other options to provide the activity you seek.

Does Inglis House have visiting hours?

Anyone may visit at anytime. We have an open 24-hour visiting policy. However, we cannot accommodate overnight guests. 

May I smoke at Inglis House?

Effective Sept. 2011, all new Inglis House residents are non-smokers. Residents living at Inglis prior to the policy change are permitted to continue smoking in the designated areas on campus only.

I walk with an assistive device, am I able to move to Inglis?

Inglis is a long-term care wheelchair community for individuals who are unable to walk.  All of our residents use wheelchairs to get around the community.

What happens if my motorized wheelchair has a problem or breaks down?

Inglis House has an on-site Wheelchair Repair Shop with a full-time staff technician devoted to repairing wheelchairs and keeping you as active and independent as possible.

How do I pay for services?

Most residents pay for their stay through medical assistance. We also accept private pay — the cost is about $469 per day.

Should I bring my medications from home?

No, you do not need to bring medicine with you. Inglis works with a pharmacy that complies with state regulations for the delivery and packaging of your medications.

Do I have any say in my medical care?

You are the primary decision maker for your own care. You will meet several people from across all disciplines within the first few days of your move to Inglis, so that you may express your goals and develop your care plan.  Your needs and preferences are the primary concern of each person that you will meet and build relationships with while you live at Inglis. A care plan meeting will be held within the first few weeks, and you and anyone you would like to include, are encouraged to fully participate in planning and directing your care. You will review your care plan with staff every quarter to adjust it to meet your needs.

Do I need to continue seeing my own physician or do you have physicians on staff?

Inglis House works with several physicians who are credentialed within Inglis House who visits here several times a month.  We encourage you to see our in-house physicians. However, if your physician is willing to visit you at Inglis House as required by regulations and supplies us with documentation necessary to become credentialed, your physician may continue to care for you.

Who will help me when I have a concern or question that is not medical in nature?

Every resident has a relationship with one of our social workers, Neighborhood Life Leaders and Neighborhood Clinical Leaders. They are all here to listen and counsel you. You may also access our PEER resources — a group of specially trained residents who can help you through a tough time, resolve an issue, or connect you with others who can help.

Will I have a telephone in my room?

If you would like a telephone, you can arrange that on your own or with the help of your social worker.  Telephone service is an out-of-pocket expense. It is not included in your Inglis bill.

How will I receive my mail?

Most residents receive their mail electronically and/or via resident employees that deliver resident mail to each resident’s room.  If you need assistance opening and/or reading we can assist you. 

Am I able to bring my pet to Inglis?

Unfortunately, you are not able to have a pet move to Inglis to live with you. Pets on a leash may visit you. However, Inglis does offer a pet therapy program, with trained animals who visit with residents. We also have three pet cats in residence. 

If I want to attend religious services am I able to do that?

We have one full-time chaplain and three part-time chaplains in our pastoral care program. We also have visiting clergy. Inglis is a multi-faith community with more than 15 religions represented. You will be able to attend services, and take part in religious discussions and pastoral visits.

What should I do with valuables?

You will have a key to a drawer in your room that you may lock, but we encourage you to leave most valuables home. You are welcome to open a bank account in our business office to keep your money safe. Anything over $50 will be put in an interest bearing account. There are regular banking hours available to residents.

Is there any way to earn money while living at Inglis?

We have a resident worker program. You may help with data entry, clerical assignments, build our Drink Aide® products, or work in the in-house mail room as a mail carrier. Resident workers earn a small amount of money in return for their efforts.

Inglis Innovation Center

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What is the Inglis Innovation Center?

The Inglis Innovation Center is where all of Inglis’ community-based programming and services are headquartered. This centralized location allows individuals who live independently to create a customized set of opportunities to best address their needs. It is an accessible place where people can come and learn about the possibilities available to them through adapted technology; to explore employment opportunities; to access peer support or care management, or to participate in an engaging day program…or all of those things.

Where is the Innovation Center located?

2560 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131. The Center is on the ground floor of Building B at the Inglis Gardens at Belmont apartments.

Is this the first time Inglis is working with people with disabilities who live in the community?

No, Inglis has been working with individuals with disabilities for more than 140 years and for more than 50 years has been helping individuals who live independently in the community. The Innovation Center is Inglis’ way to reach more individuals who can benefit from our programs and services; from adapted technology needs assessments to socialization at the Connections day program and assistance managing mental health challenges through Journeys Certified Peer Specialists. 

Can anyone go to the Innovation Center?

Anyone who is participating – or is interested in participating – in an Inglis program or service located at the Center can access the Innovation Center. Call 1-267-295-5400 or send an email to to make an appointment for a tour or to learn more about a program or service.

Community Support Services

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What is Inglis Community Support Services?

Inglis Community Support Services assists individuals with disabilities to live independently in the community. The purpose is to provide individualized assistance to help people accomplish goals and live their best lives.

What is the purpose of Inglis Community Support Services?

Inglis Community Support Services assist individuals with disabilities in living independently in the community.

Where are Inglis Community Support Services provided?

Though all Community Support Services are headquartered at the Inglis Innovation Center, 2560 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131, the programs (other than Connections Day Program) are delivered throughout the community to reach individuals where they are.  Connections is located only at the Innovation Center.

I do not use a wheelchair, am I able to participate in Inglis’ Community Support Services?

Yes, many participants receiving Inglis Community Support Services do not use wheelchairs and may never need one.

Do I have any say in my services?

Inglis Community Support Services are person-centered and directed by you. You identify your needs and guide the provision of services that you choose.

How do I pay for services?

There are several ways you can pay for different services.

Some programs like Connections Day Program, work with waivers from PA Waiver services, Veteran Affairs, MS Society, or some participants pay privately.

Inglis Employment Services receives payments through Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Office of Long-Term Living through Community HealthChoices, or Private Pay

Care Management is covered through third party funding or private pay

How do I enroll in services?

Call 267-295-5400 or send an email to Our staff will be able to provide you with information and refer you to the Inglis services you seek.

Adapted Technology

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What is adapted technology (AT)?

Adapted technology enables individuals with disabilities to access and use technologies (computers, environmental controls, televisions, lights, etc.) that provide them with greater independence. Whether using simple solutions like key guards or single switch controls, or more advanced options like voice recognition, eye-tracking software, 3D-printed solutions, or Smart Home Technology, the AT team works with individuals to help them accomplish their specific goals. Inglis has connected people with disabilities to the world around them through technology for more than three decades.

How does Inglis’ Adapted Technology Program work?

Inglis’ program is goals-based, not curriculum based so our AT team will interview you and do a complete assessment of your skills and needs. The team will help you work toward accomplishing the goals you set.

Services are available on site at the Inglis Innovation Center, and/or in your home, as needed. Once an Inglis team member assesses your needs, they will create a list of recommendations and will discuss options with you.

The list may include software and hardware devices that will help you to accomplish your goals. Inglis may create specialized 3D-printed devices if necessary, will install any software and hardware needed and teach you how to use them.

Where is Inglis’ Adapted Technology Program located?

AT Program is located at the Inglis Innovation Center, 2560 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19131, on the ground floor of Building B of Inglis Gardens at Belmont apartments.

How can adapted technology help me?

Adapted technology can help you access a computer, connect to internet, send email, use video chats to connect to family and friends, control the devices (lights, television, thermostat, etc.) in your home, more easily manage your wheelchair, and more. It can help you access technology and become more independent.

How much does Inglis’ Adapted Technology Program cost?

There is currently no fee for assessments, training or the installation of software or hardware. However, aside from any 3D devices made by Inglis in its lab, you are responsible for purchasing the hardware and software recommended by the Inglis team.

How can I access Inglis’ AT Program?

Please follow this link to visit the Adapted Technology Program page at To schedule an assessment, please contact Inglis’ Adapted Technology Director, Michael Strawbridge at or call 267-295-5400.

Connections - Day Program

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What is Inglis Connections?

Connections is a specialized day program with enhanced services supporting a diverse group of adults (ages 18-60) offering stimulating programs promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. These programs help participants stay active and connected to the community as well as promoting independence and self-sufficiency. Inglis has been providing day services since 1968 and is excited to take this new step in expanding and advancing the day program in its new home at the Inglis Innovation Center.

Where is Connections located?

The Connections day program is located at the Inglis Innovation Center, 2560 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131. It is on the ground floor of Building B at the Inglis Gardens at Belmont apartments.

What are the hours of operation?

Monday through Friday from 7AM – 6PM.

What does Connections offer participants?

  • Therapeutic recreation programming five days a week, as well as computer and assistive technology, life skills training, social work services, activities of daily living support, leisure activities, and so much more!
  • An engaging recreational calendar with community outings & trips to museums, movies, sporting events, and local parks.
  • Daily activities that are fun, enhance independence and teach practical skills such as: therapeutic movement and exercise sessions, cooking, creative arts, horticulture and fresh flower arranging, spiritual awareness, music appreciation, games, and much more.
  • Meals: A continental breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are included.  We also have special holiday parties throughout the year. 

The enhanced services include: 

  • Extended hours
  • Seven-station computer lab
  • Full-sized kitchen
  • Adapted technology needs assessments
  • Full-time Registered Nurse on staff, medication management
  • Bathing/shower facilities with aides to assist if needed 

Who can participate in the program?

Adults (18 to 60 years old) with a physical or cognitive disability can participate in Connections. We will refer individuals to another program or service if they have needs we cannot meet — such as intensive staffing (for example one-on-one assistance), or those who may impose a risk to the health and safety of others in a group setting. Also, if someone is seeking care for a specific diagnosis, we may recommend that they explore other programs better suited to their needs.

How many people participate in the program and what is the staff/participant ratio?

We have the capacity to accommodate 58 individuals in the bright, spacious, new Connections space at the Innovation Center. The ratio of staff to participants is never more than one staff member for every five participants. We have team of staff that provide care and assistance, run programs, provide social services and manage the program.

How many days of the week may I attend?

Individuals may attend up to five days a week (and some holidays too).

Should I bring my medications from home?

Yes. Connections does not supply participants with medication. Participants should bring in their medications and staff will assist with administering them.

Does the Program provide therapy?

No, Connections is a social program and therapy is not provided. However, we work with individuals receiving outpatient therapy to assure all appointments are kept and attended on time.

What is the admission process to join the Connections Program?

We require that everyone interested in becoming a participant of Connections receive a tour and complete an assessment. This ensures that a potential participant’s expectations will be met and that we can confirm that Connections will be able to meet the participant’s needs.

How can I register myself or a loved one for Connections?

For more information, call 267-295-5400 or send an email to

Or, if you wish to apply for the Connections Program, please follow this link to download the application forms.   After you submit your completed forms, someone will contact you to schedule an appointment for a tour of Connections, and an assessment. 

My loved one requires assistance with feeding and the lavatory. Does Connections offer this kind of care?

Yes, our staff is trained and able to provide assistance with all daily living activities. We have years of experience in caring for the needs of people with disabilities.

Who regulates the Inglis Day Program?

Connections maintains licensure through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

How do I pay for the Inglis Day Program?

Most Program participants have Home and Community-Based Waivers.

We accept many waivers and can help communicate with your Supports Coordinator to have a day program added to your services. Inglis also has a large population of veterans in the Program.

The Veteran’s Administration provides payment for qualifying individuals. Private payment is also an option for those who wish to join the program.

We have daily, half-day and weekly rates.

Inglis Employment Services

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What is Inglis Employment Services?

Inglis Employment Services (IES) helps individuals with disabilities find employment by providing job coaching before, during, and after employment is secured.  Certified job coaches work to match individuals who have disabilities with employers who are looking for a solid, stable workforce – and provides the hands-on support needed to ensure that employee’s success. IES is also an employer with subcontracts managing more than 60 people with disabilities at 12 job sites.

What services does Inglis Employment Services (IES) provide?

  • Job searching in various sectors
  • Job search readiness (i.e., creating a resume, interview coaching, assistance requesting accommodations once a job is secured, etc.)
  • Job training and coaching before, during and after employment is secured
  • Support individuals overcoming barriers towards successful employment (i.e., securing transportation, using adapted technology in the workplace, etc.)
  • Support for employers by matching the right individuals with the right jobs

What kind of jobs are available through IES?

Inglis has helped place individuals in a variety of positions throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region. Our largest employers are at PennDOT Photo Centers and the Horsham Air Guard Station, but we have found jobs for individuals in schools, retail shops and cafes.

Can IES help me find a job?

If you live in the Greater Philadelphia Area and have a physical or cognitive disability, IES can help support you through the job searching and hiring process, and provide training needed for you to be successful on the job.

How do I pay for IES’ services?

IES is an employment service provider for the Office of Vocation Rehabilitation and the Office of Long-Term Living through Community HealthChoices Managed Care Organizations. 

How do I contact IES?

Please call 1-267-295-5400 or send an email to

Inglis Housing Corporation

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What is the Inglis Housing Corporation?

Inglis is the largest private developer of accessible, affordable housing in the region. Inglis has been creating housing communities since 1974 and today, owns and/or manages nearly 400 units throughout Philadelphia and South Jersey. Inglis’ newest housing community, Inglis Methodist Gardens, just received tax credits this year for 47 units providing accessible, healthy and affordable housing for disabled individuals and homeless families.

Can my children live with me?

Yes. Our Tenant Selection plan allows up to 2 people per bedroom.

How much is the rent?

All but one of our apartment communities are subsidized by the Federal Government (Morris-Klein Apartments). Everyone’s rent is different. Your rent portion is based on 30% of your adjusted gross income.  For information about market-rate units: please call 1-866-246-4547 or contact the Inglis Housing Corporation office at 267-969-6310, or email us at

Who is eligible for an apartment through Inglis Housing Corporation?

People who are over the age of 18,  meet certain income requirements (incomes below a certain level), and who require our apartments' accessibility features.

Can my children live with me?

Yes. Our Tenant Selection plan allows up to 2 people per bedroom.

How much is the rent?

All but one of our apartment communities are subsidized by the Federal Government (Morris-Kelin Apartments). Everyone’s rent is different. Your rent portion is based on 30% of your adjusted gross income.  For information about market-rate units: please call 1-866-246-4547 or contact Anna Cruz-Cannizzaro at 267-969-6310, or email us at

How do I apply?

To learn more about apartment locations, housing partners or apartment availability for current market rate units available today or to fill out a pre-application form, please call 1-866-246-4547 or contact Anna Cruz-Cannizzaro at 267-969-6310, or email us at

Who is eligible for an apartment through Inglis Housing Corporation?

People who are over the age of 18, below a certain income level, and who require our apartment's accessibility features.

Journeys, Inglis’ Certified Peer Specialists Program

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What is Journeys?

Journeys is the first Certified Peer Specialist partnership program in the country designed to provide support to people who have a physical disability and mental health challenges. Journeys matches individuals who have complex physical disabilities and a mental health diagnosis with a trained Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) who has similar life experiences and truly understands. Because the CPSs are mobile, they can meet individuals where they are, both physically and emotionally, and provide support and assistance.

Where is Journeys located?

The office is located in the Inglis Innovation Center, 2560 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19131, on the ground floor of Building B of Inglis Gardens at Belmont apartments. But our Certified Peer Specialists often meet with individuals outside of the Center – they can come to you.

What services does Journeys provide?

Among other things, Certified Peer Specialists can help:

  • with care planning
  • build a network of natural supports
  • develop a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)
  • complete Mental Health Advanced Directives
  • facilitate collaborations with MCO service coordinators and health care providers
  • navigate transportation and other resources to promote independence, health and well-being
  • assist with nursing home transition planning

Am I eligible for Journeys?

You are eligible for help from a Journeys peer if:

  • you are 21 years old or older
  • live in Philadelphia
  • are Medicaid eligible
  • have a mental health diagnosis 
  • have a physical disability

How can I participate in Journeys and find a Certified Peer Specialist to help me?

Please follow this link to the Journeys webpage.  you may also contact Journeys at or call (215) 581-3121.

MS-Care Management

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What kinds of support do Care Managers offer?

The support provided may come in a variety of forms – from advice on who to contact for information on financial support, to connecting people with Inglis’ Adapted Technology team who can help with high-or-low tech solutions to overcoming barriers.  The focus is connecting people with the services they require – and may not even be aware those services are available.

How do I connect to an MS Care Manager?

Please call 267-295-5400 or send an email to 

To whom does Inglis Care Management currently provide services?

Care Management works with individual referred to us through our existing contracts with:

  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Jefferson Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center 
  • Inglis Housing Corporation
  • PA Link

How do Care Managers support individuals?

Care Managers assess and support people who need help as their abilities change and recommend programs and services that may help the individual in a variety of ways. Additionally, Care Managers visit individuals in their homes for assessments and follow-ups.