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Frequently Asked Questions

Inglis House

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What insurance do you accept?

Inglis accepts Medicare, Medicaid and some forms of private insurance. Contact Inglis for assistance in determining if you have appropriate coverage.

How do I pay for services?

Most residents pay for their stay through medical assistance. We also accept private pay — the cost is about $469 per day.

If I want to attend religious services am I able to do that?

We have one full-time chaplain and three part-time chaplains in our pastoral care program. We also have visiting clergy. Inglis is a multi-faith community with more than 15 religions represented. You will be able to attend services, and take part in religious discussions and pastoral visits.

What should I do with valuables?

You will have a key to a drawer in your room that you may lock, but we encourage you to leave most valuables home. You are welcome to open a bank account in our business office to keep your money safe. Anything over $50 will be put in an interest bearing account. There are regular banking hours available to residents.

May I smoke at Inglis House?

Effective Sept. 2011, all new Inglis House residents are non-smokers. Residents living at Inglis prior to the policy change are permitted to continue smoking in the designated areas on campus only.

What kind of activities do you have?

We have therapeutic recreation programming seven days-a-week, ranging from gardening to dance classes to religious studies, and many more. If you are interested in an activity that is not on the calendar speak with the recreation department so they can explore other options to provide the activity you seek.

How many residents do you have?

We have 252 rooms all of which are private.  Each resident lives in a neighborhood with their own staff, showers, and solarium.

Are meals included?

All three meals plus snacks are included.  We also have special holiday and party meals.  Our menu committee meets monthly with the dining services director to provide meals that are nutritious and delicious.

Do I need to continue seeing my own physician or do you have physicians on staff?

Inglis House works with several physicians who are credentialed within Inglis House who visits here several times a month.  We encourage you to see our in-house physicians. However, if your physician is willing to visit you at Inglis House as required by regulations and supplies us with documentation necessary to become credentialed, your physician may continue to care for you.

Do I have any say in my medical care?

You are the primary decision maker for your own care. You will meet several people from across all disciplines within the first few days of your move to Inglis, so that you may express your goals and develop your care plan.  Your needs and preferences are the primary concern of each person that you will meet and build relationships with while you live at Inglis. A care plan meeting will be held within the first few weeks, and you and anyone you would like to include, are encouraged to fully participate in planning and directing your care. You will review your care plan with staff every quarter to adjust it to meet your needs.

Should I bring my medications from home?

No, you do not need to bring medicine with you. Inglis works with a pharmacy that complies with state regulations for the delivery and packaging of your medications.

How will I receive my mail?

Most residents receive their mail electronically and/or via resident employees that deliver resident mail to each resident’s room.  If you need assistance opening and/or reading we can assist you. 

Is there any way to earn money while living at Inglis?

We have a resident worker program. You may help with data entry, clerical assignments, build our Drink Aide® products, or work in the in-house mail room as a mail carrier. Resident workers earn a small amount of money in return for their efforts.

Who will help me when I have a concern or question that is not medical in nature?

Every resident has a relationship with one of our social workers, Neighborhood Life Leaders and Neighborhood Clinical Leaders. They are all here to listen and counsel you. You may also access our PEER resources — a group of specially trained residents who can help you through a tough time, resolve an issue, or connect you with others who can help.

Will I have a telephone in my room?

If you would like a telephone, you can arrange that on your own or with the help of your social worker.  Telephone service is an out-of-pocket expense. It is not included in your Inglis bill.

Does Inglis House have visiting hours?

Anyone may visit at anytime. We have an open 24-hour visiting policy. However, we cannot accommodate overnight guests. 

Am I able to bring my pet to Inglis?

Unfortunately, you are not able to have a pet move to Inglis to live with you. Pets on a leash may visit you. However, Inglis does offer a pet therapy program, with trained animals who visit with residents. We also have three pet cats in residence. 

I walk with an assistive device, am I able to move to Inglis?

Inglis is a long-term care wheelchair community for individuals who are unable to walk.  All of our residents use wheelchairs to get around the community.

What happens if my motorized wheelchair has a problem or breaks down?

Inglis House has an on-site Wheelchair Repair Shop with a full-time staff technician devoted to repairing wheelchairs and keeping you as active and independent as possible.

Community Support Services

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How do I pay for services?

  • Adult Day: PA Waiver services, Veteran Affairs, MS Society, Private Pay
  • Community Employment Services: Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Private Pay
  • Care Management: Third Party funding, Private Pay
  • Drink-Aide: Private Pay

I walk with an assistive device. Am I able to participate in Inglis’ Community Support Services?

Yes, many consumers receiving Inglis Community Support Services do not use a wheelchair, and may never need one.

Do I have any say in my services?

Inglis Community Support Services are consumer-centered and often consumer-directed. Consumers identify their needs and guide the provision of services that they choose.

Where are Inglis Community Support Services provided?

Inglis Community Support Services extend through southeastern PA and southern New Jersey.

How do I enroll in services?

Call 1-866-2INGLIS (1-866-246-4547) or send an email to speak with one of our admissions specialists.  They will be able to provide you with information and refer you to Inglis services.

What is the purpose of Inglis Community Support Services?

Inglis Community Support Services assist individuals with disabilities in living independently in the community.

Community Employment Services

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What services does Inglis Community Employment Services provide?

Inglis Community Employment Services assists individuals with disabilities to obtain and retain work in integrated settings.  Services include screening and assessment, career planning, individualized training, resume development and updating, interview and hire support, post-hire follow-up and job retention services and support.

Care Management

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What services does Inglis Care Management provide?

Inglis Care Management assists individuals with disabilities in accessing services and supports so they can live in their own homes in the community.

To whom does Inglis Care Management currently provide services? And where?

  • Tenants of Inglis Housing Corp. apartments/townhomes
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Greater Delaware Valley Chapter
  • Thomas Jefferson University Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Center
  • Private pay

Inglis Day Program

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Where is the Inglis Day Program located?

The Inglis main campus is located at 2600 Belmont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131.

What are the Day Program’s hours of operation?

The Inglis Day Program is open Monday–Friday, 8 AM–5 PM.

What ages are accepted for the Inglis Day Program?

The Day program accepts individuals age 18 and older. Presently, our youngest participant just turned 22 years old, and our oldest is 100!

How many participants do you have?

We can have up to 35 participants per day.

How many days a week can I attend?

Individuals may attend up to five days a week (and some holidays too).

Who is eligible to participate in the Inglis Day Program?

Anyone with a physical or cognitive disability is welcome to visit and tour the Program. We will refer individuals to another program/service if they have needs we cannot meet — such as intensive staffing (for example one-on-one assistance), or those who may impose a risk to the health and safety of others in a group setting. Also, if someone is seeking care for a specific diagnosis, we may recommend that they explore other programs to better suit their needs.

What kind of activities do you have?

We offer therapeutic recreation programming five days a week, as well as computer and assistive technology, life skills training, social work services, activities of daily living support, leisure activities, and so much more!

Does the Inglis Day Program include meals?

A continental breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are included.  We also have special holiday parties throughout the year.

Should I bring my medications from home?

Yes, the Inglis Day Program does not supply participants with medication. Participants should bring in their medications and Inglis Day staff will assist with administering them.

Does the Inglis Day Porgram provide therapy?

No, the Day Program is a social program and therapy is not provided. However, we work with individuals receiving outpatient therapy to assure all appointments are kept and attended on time.

My loved one requires assistance with feeding and the lavatory. Does Inglis Adult Day offer this kind of care?

Yes, our staff is trained and able to provide assistance with all daily living activities. We have years of experience in caring for the needs of people with disabilities.

What is your staffing ratio in the Day Program?

We have one staff member for every six participants. We have team of staff that provide care and assistance, run programs, provide social services and manage the program.

Who regulates the Inglis Day Program?

The Inglis Day Program maintains licenses with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and the Pennsylvania Department of Aging

What is the admission process to join the Inglis Day Program?

We require that everyone interested in becoming a participant of the Day Program receive a tour and complete an assessment. This ensures that potential participants expectations will be met and confirms that the Inglis Day Program is able to meet the participants needs.

How do I pay for the Inglis Day Program?

Most Day Program participants have Home and Community Based Waivers. We accept many waivers, and can help communicate with your supports coordinator to have a day program added to your services. Inglis also has a large population of veterans in the Day Program. The Veteran’s Administration provides payment to the program for qualifying individuals. Private Payment is also an option for those who wish to join the program. We have daily, half-day and weekly rates.

Drink Aide®

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How much does the standard Drink-Aide® cost?

$65.50 each (32” straw) – $71.50 each (40” straw) , plus shipping and handling. Please call for multiple order pricing.

Does medical/health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare cover the cost of a Drink-Aide®?

Unfortunately, no. If you have other insurance, check your policy and/or call the company to inquire.

How much water does the Drink-Aide® hold?

28 ounces.

What material is the bottle made of?

The bottle is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE #2), a material also used in opaque plastic milk and water jugs, bleach, detergent and shampoo bottles and some plastic bags. For more information on plastic bottle safety and bisphenol (BPA), see the smart plastics guide (PDF opens in a new window).

Can I put hot liquids in my Drink-Aide®?

We do not recommend putting hot liquids in the Drink-Aide®.

How long is the flexible drinking tube?

19-24.5 inches from the top of the lid. (depending on size of straw); straw extends about an additional 2 inches from the tubing.

How often should I replace the straw?

It depends on what you are drinking. Sugary liquids or those that stain require the user to wash or replace the straw more frequently. You should clean the Drink-Aide® after each use.

How can I order replacement parts?

Call the customer service line at 800.336.7022.

  • Spare Straw (32 inch) – $5.50 each
  • Spare Straw (40 inch) – $6.75 each
  • Cup Holder – $23.50
  • Drink-Aide™ w/o Cup Holder (32” straw) – $42
  • Drink-Aide™ w/o Cup Holder (40” straw) – $48.50
  • Replacement Lids – $2.50 each

For shipping charges on spare parts, call customer service @ 800.336.7022. Please note that all international orders are shipped via FedEx.

How can I order the Drink-Aide®?

You can order Drink-Aide® with a credit card through our secure website at

Is the bottle dishwasher safe?

Yes, on medium settings and when placed in the top rack.

I lost the Drink-Aide® instructions that came with my Drink-Aide®. How can I replace them?

You can view or download the manual in PDF format below.
For the items in Adobe PDF format, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read the files. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download a free copy of Adobe Reader from the Adobe web site.

To view the PDF file as HTML or text, go to Adobe's PDF-to-HTML conversion tool.

You can download the documents to your hard drive by right clicking on the file name and choosing “save target as” from the menu.

Drink-Aide® Manual (PDF opens in a new window)

Housing Corporation

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Can my children live with me?

Yes. Our Tenant Selection plan allows up to 2 people per bedroom.

How much is the rent?

All but one of our apartment communities are subsidized by the Federal Government (Morris-Kelin Apartments). Everyone’s rent is different. Your rent portion is based on 30% of your adjusted gross income.  For information about market-rate units: please call 1-866-246-4547 or contact Anna Cruz-Cannizzaro at 267-969-6310, or email us at

How do I apply?

To learn more about apartment locations, housing partners or apartment availability for current market rate units available today or to fill out a pre-application form, please call 1-866-246-4547 or contact Anna Cruz-Cannizzaro at 267-969-6310, or email us at

Who is eligible for an apartment through Inglis Housing Corporation?

People who are over the age of 18, below a certain income level, and who require our apartment's accessibility features.