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Kitchen Manager

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Inglis enables people with disabilities – and those who care for them – to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest.
It is essential that all duties are performed with the highest level of integrity, while supporting Inglis Values and Standards of Excellence, ensuring the achievement of competencies and compliance with regulatory agencies.

Inglis aspires to create community, normalcy and empower the lives of the consumers and staff at Inglis. The Dining experience is an essential component of creating normalcy and community. The Chef or Kitchen Manager is responsible for assuring that kitchen staff offer residents an attractive, quality and healthy dining experience with as much choice and flexibility as available - within the budget. He/She is a key member of the Dining Experience Team, working to integrate the dining experience into our overall resident’s experience of person centered care. He/She will be responsible for food-purchasing, production, and equipment maintenance.   Directs all employees involved in receiving and storage of food and non-food supplies. Works with all suppliers to ensure that all product specifications and contract pricing is met and maximized. Work with Inglis Purchasing and Premier or other GPO CMA standard team developing product specification.  Coordinates all food production.  Directs all employees involved in production of food for residents, retail and catering operations.  Develops menus and recipes and prepares production schedules. Suggests service and presentation models and garnish.   Participates in policy decisions and overall management of Dining Experience.  He/She will maintain compliance with all policies and standards and always assures inspection readiness.   He/she will be supportive of Inglis’ mission person centered care principles and financial boundaries. He/she enables staff to achieve success, build a positive work environment and to build a strong team.  All essential job responsibilities will be executed in accordance with Inglis mission, vision, and values.  

This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the person assigned to this position. The primary duties and responsibilities are intended to describe those functions that are essential to the performance of this job. This job description does not state or imply that the above are the only duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. There are other duties and responsibilities that are considered incidental or secondary to the overall purpose of this job. Employees holding this position will be required to perform any other job-related duties as requested by management. All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with a disability.


Quality of Care & Patient Safety
•    Role models the Foundation’s commitment to quality and consumer safety.
•    Will write and implement food purchasing and preparation standards. 
•    Inspects food before, during and after preparation to assure adherence to specifications of quality, quantity and presentation.
•    Prepares daily production schedules and portioning guidelines.
•    Develops standardized recipes.  Assists in the building and maintenance of an ingredient issue computer system.  
•    In conjunction with the appropriate section supervisor, inspects food preparers and serving area, equipment, and storage and sanitation facilities; observes the appearance and personal habits of the staff to detect deviations and violations of health regulations and issues corrective actions as necessary.
•    Oversees and performs food ordering, receiving, storage, preparation, inventory rotation, and distribution by computer following department specification, FIFO & HAACP 
•    Ensures departmental compliance with all infection control, safety and applicable city, county, and state health regulations are met.  
•    Adheres to and conveys a philosophy that supports the dignity, privacy, independence, choice, and individuality of Inglis residents.
•    Inventories and orders food products and supplies on a regular basis to ensure adequate supplies are maintained.
•    Assures compliance with all HACCP guidelines, records temperatures, and conducts inspections.  
•    Complies with all Inglis and departmental policies regarding safety attendance, dress, conduct, work related injury, and reports all fire and safety hazards appropriately

Quality of Life & Service
•    Role models the foundation’s service excellence values and behaviors. Sets an example.
•    Partners with Leadership to ensure that all consumers and staff are treated with respect and dignity.
•    Measures consumer satisfaction and seeks feedback to improve meal service on a continual basis.
•    Creates environment for success through good communication and team building (intra and interdepartmentally).
•    Develops long and short-range plans/programs for the purpose of building efficiencies into the department and program and ensuring that resources are effectively utilized. 
•    Maintains confidentiality of staff and residents. 

People & Team Leadership
•    Role models the foundation’s people and leadership values and behaviors
•    Develops the culinary skills of all Dining Experience staff.   
•    Seeks to enhance every aspect of food service and presentation.
•    Assigns employees to perform all food preparation and storage functions and assures compliance.
•    Directs staff activity for resident, cafeteria, and catering areas to ensure quality, accuracy, timeliness, efficiency, and sanitation.
•    Measures cook performance and uses data to improve performance.
•    Assumes total responsibility for the proper operation and security of the department in the absence of the Director.    
•    Maintains a competent and motivated staff by:
•    Conduct “on the job” training and orientation.
•    Conduct section meetings for changes and new policies, procedures and products.  
•    Assures compliance training and competency by each staff member.
•    Conducts probationary and annual evaluations. 
•    Establishes, updates, and enforces job descriptions, job flows, and standards of performance.  
•    Interviews and recommends qualified applicants for employment.
•    Enforces all department and Inglis policies and procedures with discipline up to suspension.  
•    Assures that employees safely use the correct tools for each job.
•    Assures timeliness of all department activities.  

•    Partners with the Director and Person-Centered Care Team to develop and implement strategic initiatives for Dining Experience. 
•    Attends and participates in departmental and Inglis Management team meetings and training in order to:
•    Develop and implement new policies and procedures. 
•    Develop and implement new menus and programs.
•    Test, evaluate and recommend new food products.
•    Formulate continuing education needs for self and staff.
•    Designs nutrition education efforts for the purpose of enhancing learning and health as defined by the NRA and the ACF. 
•    Seeks continuing education is business, food safety, marketing, sanitations and culinary trends.  
•    Participates in system wide interdisciplinary initiatives such as promotion of consumer/employee satisfaction and committee assignments.

Financial Management
•    Supports Inglis in ensuring that our processes, procedures, and practices are in compliance and that we do not pay fines and other costs for compliance issues.
•    Establishes and maintains a data base of purchasing information including: pricing, pack size, and inventory data; par levels for menu cycles, catalogs of products from approved vendors, approved substitutes for specialized products, nutrient data on prepared products, MSDS, delivery schedule and contact personnel with approved vendors. Consults Director or Dietitian before changing a patient service food specification.  
•    Forecasts number of people to be served and food purchased, and computes quantity of food to be prepared assuring that all diet requirements are met
•    Develops purchasing specifications and receiving guidelines.
•    Suggests revisions or adaptations of procedures for more efficient performance of the Dining Experience department.  Assists the Director by writing and maintaining the production and purchasing sections of the policy and procedure manual.
•    Keep production staff in Kronos in a timely fashion.
•    Always attempts to schedule with-in budget and to reduce overtime. 
•    Conducts inventory and does purchasing and food production using in-house or vendor provided software.
•    Stays within or below budget unless variance is approved.

•    Partners with the Director of Innovation to identify and lead process improvement/innovation efforts that relate to improving the day-to-day workflow for management and staff and in the Dietary Department.   
•    Actively participates in and/or leads improvement efforts that are cross-departmental and impact the overall organization’s efficiency and quality of care for all residents and consumers.
•    Actively engages in education and training to learn the tools and methods required to perform the process improvement work.
•    Assists with developing the metrics and measures that will support tracking progress of continuous process improvement.
•    Actively engages in the use of computer systems and technology to enhance the day-to-day flow of information. 
•    Encourages and supports staff on the appropriate use of computer systems and technology.
•    Promptly reviews and responds to emails related to Inglis business and updates calendars on a regular basis with invitations and requests for Inglis meetings.

•    Assists operations team in keeping facilities clean and up to date.
•    Manages the implementation of the preventative maintenance and safety programs.  Follows up on maintenance work orders to see that they are satisfactorily.   Assures that department is always inspection ready.  
•    Always calls maintenance and/or service provider for specific broken equipment or facility issues. 
•    Insures proper storage and security of all food and supplies.
•    Checks refrigerator temperatures daily and reports variance.
•    Assures all cleaning and sanitation assignments are complete by the end of each shift.  
•    Assures that all equipment is used, maintained and treated properly.  

•    Champion for culture change and supportive leadership.
•    Demonstrates a real sense of inquiry and a personal willingness to learn.
•    Demonstrates the ability to take responsible actions within the parameters of the role without a constant need to be directed by others.
•    Demonstrates politeness and respectfulness and evidences the self-awareness of the effect of her/his behavior on others.
•    Demonstrates mutual respect for diversity.

•    Demonstrates Inglis people and leadership values and behaviors
•    Demonstrates the ability to follow-up on schedules, set priorities and achieve deadlines
•    Demonstrates the Inglis Code of Conduct and builds trusted partnerships throughout the Inglis organization.
•    Establishes and maintains effective relationships by gaining trust and respect.
•    Is approachable and easy to talk with; puts forth an extra effort to make people at ease; is patience and builds rapport with customers and is a good listener.
•    A team player and has the trust and support of peers.
•    Promotes collaboration within the department

•    Actively engages in the use of computer systems and technology to enhance the day-to-day flow of information
•    Encourages and supports staff on the appropriate use of computer systems and technology
•    Understands common computer terminology and fundamentals of computers
•    Understands and efficiently uses basic computer hardware and telecommunication devices
•    Understands the use of the internet/intranet applications and file management including file saving, storage and basic data controls
•    Responds to emails and calendar requests in a timely manner
•    Understands IT security, processes, best practices including email encryption and enlisting help of IT help desk as needed. 

Hard Skills- Kitchen & catering skills. Hands-on- Experience with menu & recipe development. Inventory management- inventory & purchase supplies with applicable venders.
Risk Management.  Remains current on relevant food safety/ regulatory/health codes, laws, and ensures organizational compliance.
Systems Thinking. Support the business case for Dining Services, as it relates to efficient and effective food service models for the café and the production team. 
Ethical Practice. Establishes oneself as a professional, demonstrating credibility and trustworthiness source for dining employees to voice concerns.
Leadership & Navigation. Team Leadership & motivation with effective & efficient communications and relations with people, maintain and champion the mission, vision and strategy of the organization.

In addition to the necessary skills and experience to perform the responsibilities outlined above, there are several traits that a successful candidate will possess.  
•     High school diploma/GED required, two-year (culinary degree preferred), Certified Dietary Manager (preferred)
•    Serv-Safe Certification
•    10+ years Executive Chef experience
•    10+ years of Culinary Experience
•    Ability to work well under pressure and in a fast-paced environment
•    Excellent written & oral communication skills
•    Experience with delegating tasks & maintaining fast speed of service
•    Demonstrated knowledge of current restaurant/food industry/ health care trends
•    Must possess culinary creativity
•    Strong knowledge of local, state, and federal food sanitation & safety regulations
•    Strong program and project management skills with the ability to develop project plans to define, align, and track and execute the work. 
•    Individual must be an employee champion by developing employee and organizational relationships and understands; values and promotes diversity.
•    Must possess excellent customer service skills, demonstrate the ability to understand, interpret and uphold Inglis policies.
•    Ability to interface and communicate effectively with leaders and team. Excellent written and presentation skills.

Hands on Experience with menus development, inventory and purchasing supplies and vender management