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Cheryl Abriola - 2016 Keen Games Award-Winner: Most Dedicated Athlete

There’s more to being a good athlete than physical prowess. There’s commitment, sportsmanship and the steady dedication it takes to continuously improve. Inglis House resident Cheryl Abriola was recognized for all of these traits when she was named recipient of the Most Dedicated Athlete at this year’s annual Inglis Keen Games. 

Cheryl takes her Keen Games inspiration from her love of sports. A “home town” fan, she roots for the Phillies and the Eagles.

In addition to the Keen Games, Cheryl participates in a number of Inglis activities. She enjoys gardening, and is a regular attendee of Chaplain Nancy Selinger’s prayer breakfasts. She loves holiday traditions and her favorite Thanksgiving, which she celebrates at Inglis’ festive dinner with her mom Carol, with whom she is very close. 

Cheryl says that one of the best things about living at Inglis is the freedom it gives her. “When I lived at home, I used a manual chair and was limited in what I could do,” she recalls. “At Inglis House, I can go all over and do what I please.”

For mom Carol, Inglis House means more freedom as well. “When Cheryl lived at home, there was very little respite care,” she says. “Now I visit her at least once a week and using my accessible van, we can go on outings to the zoo, the farmers market or to watch the rowing teams practice on the Schuylkill River. Sometimes we just stay at Inglis. With all of the activities that are offered, there’s always something to do.”

But for Cheryl, the very best thing about Inglis is the strong bonds she has formed with fellow residents and members of the staff. “The entire staff at Inglis works hard to make it a family atmosphere,” says Carol.


Photo above: Cheryl with her mother, Carol.  Photo above right,  Cheryl participating in the Keens Games' Precision Throw, as Inglis Neighborhood Life Leader, Michael Kelly keeps score.