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How Your Gift Helps

The Inglis Community is comprised of nearly 1,000 people sharing a common thread: the desire to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest. 

We partner with organizations throughout the region to help provide care, compassion and the tools needed to reach that common vision.

How people reach their goals is up to them. Whether it’s finding a place to call home with full-time nursing support, moving into one’s own affordable and accessible living space, connecting with your community or learning the skills needed to find employment, Inglis is there to help.

Inglis was founded by its neighbors — those in the community who wanted to provide the same opportunities, regardless of disability, to love and be loved, find meaningful work and the chance to make a difference. 

What makes the Inglis Community so special? It’s not just the nearly 1,000 who take part in Inglis’ extensive programs. It’s the family, caregivers, friends and volunteers who join together to help Inglis deliver its mission.  Their gifts to Inglis provide the programs and services not covered by traditional Medicare and Medicaid funding. 

Join the Inglis Community today.  Donate. Volunteer.  Get involved.