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Day Program Manager

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Inglis enables people with disabilities – and those who care for them – to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest. The Program Manager has the primary responsibility of managing the daily operations of the Connections Adult Day Program (ADP). This position serves as the point of accountability for operative program performance and activities. The Program Manager is responsible for the management of the service and support offered to participants throughout the program day; he/she oversees the implementation of diversified therapeutic programming that reflects professional understanding of the needs and abilities of the participants served while also emphasizing the individual participant’s strengths and abilities. 

The Program Manager is responsible for ensuring participants care needs are met in a timely manner and with a person-centered approach. The Program Manager has programmatic responsibility for implementing Inglis’ strategic and operational initiatives and objectives. The incumbent must be a team player, service oriented and able to manage multiple priorities at any given time.  All duties must be performed with the highest level of integrity, adhere to Inglis’ Standards of Excellence, and support principles of person centeredness.  All duties will be executed in accordance with Inglis policies and procedures and adhere to all regulatory requirements.   


•    Demonstrate knowledge of applicable law, regulations, and contractual requirements governing Connections
•    Ensure that staff to participant ratio is maintained and that the program is appropriately staffed to meet the needs of the participants
•    Collaborate with direct care staff, recreation therapist and program nurse to ensure that participant care needs are addressed with a person-centered model 
•    Participate in Program participant’s team meetings with external team members
•    Support the participants with communication and involvement with external supports
•    Partner with Day Program Director in the review and implementation of policies and procedures, safety programming, and disaster preparedness
•    Identify and resolve safety trends/issues that may impact quality of care
•    Respond to participant emergencies and provides appropriate intervention as needed
•    Ensure the accurate and timely completion of all required documentation, including coordinating and completing participant assessments; and participating in the development of participant support plans  
•    Develop service delivery program goals and objectives; make recommendations to the Director on enhanced service delivery or new programming opportunities 
•    Support systems and processes that improve the provision of services. Identify gaps or barriers in service delivery and recommend alternatives
•    Complete reports, on service delivery and programming activities
•    Exercise judgment when dealing with confidential situations and issues
•    Provide individual and group supervision and support to direct care staff and program nurse
•    Effectively use the performance appraisal and goal planning process with employees to set expectations, build competencies, and manage performance 
•    Partner with the Director to develop approved Human Resources personnel policies.
•    Build strong relationships with employees, consumers, and other stakeholders; utilize the Conflict Resolution Process to resolve issues when they arise
•    Participate in the recruitment, selection, and on-boarding process for employment candidates and new employees 
•    Partner with Director in the implementation and continuation of staff education and training  
•    Attend training and education sessions as required
•    Support Connections with the implementation and monitoring of Pillar & QI Measures
•    Appropriately represent Inglis at designated community meeting, community events, and other external activities  
•    Support Inglis in ensuring that processes, procedures, and practices are in compliance therefore mitigating risk of fines and other costs
•    Ensure the accuracy of intake/admission and administrative data 
•    Maintain daily census levels necessary to balance monthly annual expenditures
•    Delivers projects on budget and on-time


•    Champion for culture change and supportive leadership
•    Demonstrates a real sense of inquiry and a personal willingness to learn
•    Demonstrates the ability to take responsible actions within the parameters of the role without a constant need to be directed by others
•    Demonstrates politeness and respectfulness and evidences the self-awareness of the effect of her/his behavior on others
•    Demonstrates mutual respect for diversity


•    Demonstrates Inglis people and leadership values and behaviors
•    Demonstrates the ability to follow-up on schedules, set priorities and achieve deadlines
•    Demonstrates the Inglis Code of Conduct and builds trusted partnerships throughout the Inglis organization.
•    Effectively use the performance appraisal and goal planning process with employees to set expectations , build competencies, and manage performance 
•    Establishes and maintains effective relationships by gaining trust and respect.
•    Is approachable and easy to talk with; puts forth an extra effort to make people at ease; is patience and builds rapport with customers and is a good listener.
•    A team player and has the trust and support of peers.
•    Promotes collaboration within the department

•    Actively engages in the use of computer systems and technology to enhance the day-to-day flow of information
•    Encourages and supports staff on the appropriate use of computer systems and technology
•    Understands common computer terminology and fundamentals of computers
•    Network account login, Basic Windows skills
•    Parts of the Windows desktop
•    Use the mouse; move and resize windows
•    File management, Open, view and print files
•    Save files, dating, and basic version control
•    When and why to store files in Desktop (C:\ drive), OneDrive, and Shared folders
•    Identifying, selecting and applying a variety of learning technologies, and matching the appropriate technology to the specific learning opportunity or challenge at hand.
•    Utilizes core business technologies to solve business challenges 


Adaptability- Demonstrates flexibility in the face of change and projects a positive demeanor and shows the ability to manage conflicting priorities without the loss of composure. Demonstrates flexibility in the face of change and projects a positive demeanor and shows the ability to manage conflicting priorities without the loss of composure. Can remain calm and productive, even when things are up in the air. Deals constructively with problems that do not have clear solutions or outcomes. 
Family & Community Engagement. Develops collaborations with agencies and community resources to meet the needs of the participants. Engages the family in positive ways.     
Customer Focus Gains insight into customer needs, identified opportunities to benefit the customer. Builds and delivers solutions to meet he customer expectations, establishes and maintains effective customer relationships. 
Manages Conflict Steps up to conflict, seeing them as opportunities. Works out tough agreements and settles disputes equitably. Facilitates breakthroughs by integrating diverse views and finding common ground or acceptable alternatives. Settles differences in productive ways with minimum noise. 
Build Effective Teams Forms teams with appropriate and diverse mix of styles, perspectives, and experiences. Establishes common objectives and shared mindset. Creates a feeling of belonging and strong moral. Shares wins and rewards team efforts. Fosters open dialog and collaboration among the team.
Risk Management. Remains current on ADP regulations and adheres to health and safety requirements and maintains necessary records as defined by state codes and regulations for adult day participants.
Problem Solving/Analysis. Considers multiple sides of an issue. Weighs consequences before making final 
decision. Makes informed decisions based on available information. Recognizes issues, and determines actions 
needed to advance the decision-making process. Follows up as necessary.

Communicates Effectively Is effective in a variety of communication settings: one on one, small and large groups and among diverse populations. Attentively listens to others. Adjusts the message to fit the audience. Provides timely and helpful information across the organization. Encourages the open expression of diverse ideas and opinions.


In addition to the necessary skills and experience to perform the responsibilities outlined above, there are a number of traits that a successful candidate will possess.  

•    Associate’s degree/60 credit hours from accredited educational facility and at least 4 years of experience working directly with aging adults, adults with functional impairments, or persons with disabilities
•    Strong program skills with ability to create charters and project plans to define, align, track and execute the work.
•    Individual must be an employee champion by developing employee and organizational relationships and understands; values and promotes diversity.
•    Must possess excellent customer service skills, demonstrate the ability to understand, interpret and uphold Inglis policies.
•    Ability to interface and communicate effectively with leaders and all other functions in the Company. 
•    Proficiency in Microsoft Suite programs and Outlook
•    Excellent written and presentation skills.