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Self-Determination Housing of Pennsylvania (SDHP)

SDHP Calendar


There are a number of trainings that we offer that are free and open to the public.  These are offered on a regular basis.  Our typical training topics are: 

  • 811 Project Rental Assistance Overview- teaches about the 811 PRA program and how to become involved
  • Addressing a Housing Crisis- works through how to walk someone through a housing crisis
  • Assistance Animals- discusses assistance animals, emotional support animals, reasonable accommodations, and more
  • Eviction Prevention and Processes- reviews the eviction process while giving helpful tips to prevent evictions for clients
  • Navigating Income-Based Housing Options- goes over general housing information and definitions, income-based housing types, and applying and appealing processes
  • Prepared Renter Education Program (PREP)- walks through the renting process, helping service providers in assisting their clients with finding, obtaining, and maintaining housing
  • Home Modifications- tells about who qualifies for home modifications, how they can request them, and how to best navigate funding resources; landlord responsibilities and tenant rights also covered
  • Tenants' Rights: Fair Housing and Beyond- covers tenant protections in Pennsylvania, including: habitability, safety, privacy, and more
  • Housing Choice Vouchers Explained- explores how housing vouchers work and the application process

To request a private training session for your organization, please complete this form.  (link opens in a new window)