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Self-Determination Housing of Pennsylvania (SDHP)

Opening Doors Together Conference

Opening Doors Together 2024 Conference: Accessible Housing, A Human Right. Inglis Self Determination Housing of PA Statewide Housing Conference

Thank you for attending the 2024 SDHP Opening Doors Together Statewide Housing Conference!


Inglis’ Self-Determination Housing Program (SDHP) hosted its annual Opening Doors Together conference, sponsored by Highmark Wholecare, in Harrisburg, PA on June 11th-12th. This year’s event brought together nearly 200 legislators, self-advocates, and other thought leaders within the human services industry; and helped mark SDHP’s 30 years of unwavering dedication to serving the disability community and advocating for greater equity and inclusion for housing for all Pennsylvanians. 

Sessions this year focused on addressing inequalities and barriers within current housing zoning laws; the challenges and solutions around creating affordable housing as well as sustainable inclusive housing; modernizations in rural public transportation; innovations with assistive technology in home modifications; combatting homelessness; and more.  

Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, Secretary of the Department of Human Services addressed the audience on Day 2 during the lunch program and stressed the impact that inadequate housing has on individuals and the healthcare system overall. She, alongside Dyann Roth—Inglis’ President—emphasized the need for safe, affordable, accessible housing to promote the health and wellness of all Pennsylvanians’ as well as the State’s future growth. Secretary Arkoosh reminded everyone of the importance of increased state funding to support eviction prevention and rental assistance programs and the responsibility that each citizen has to advocate for each other, especially with their local legislators. 

More information on the 2025 Opening Doors Housing conference will be announced this Fall. 


Conference Presentations

In the Zone with Fair Housing (AFFH)
Housing: The Cornerstone of Stability
Focus on Accessibility in Affordable Housing - Challenges and Solutions

Statewide Housing Needs - Call to Action! A Review of Statewide Housing Plans
Landlord Engagement: Investing in Relationships
Creating a Sustainable Model for Inclusive Housing

Getting from Here to There: Innovations in Rural Public Transportation
Housing for Individuals with Disabilities: Busting Myths, Providing Choices
Independent Living Apartment Units: Innovative Collaboration with Affordable Housing Developers

Hoarding Disorders: Sustainable Solutions
Removing Home Repair Barriers for Home Modifications Through Strategic Partnerships

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Conference Agenda

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Accessibility and Inclusion Statement

Inglis Self-Determination Housing of Pennsylvania aims to foster belonging for all, recognizing accessibility and inclusion as fundamental elements for genuine equity and collaboration. We are committed to providing a welcoming, safe, and productive environment for all attendees at our conference.  

We aim to

  • Exceed ADA guidance  

  • Make accommodations for attendees and presenters as requested 

  • Equip presenters with best practices regarding inclusivity and guide them to use it effectively 

  • Review all materials for accessibility  

  • Have zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) describes policies and initiatives that support and promote the representation and participation of all groups of individuals regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Participants should report any behavior inconsistent with the principles of DEIB to on-site staff or to