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SDHP Conference - Housing as a Human Right

Conference Speaker Biographies

Allie Cannington
Senior Manager, Advocacy and Organizing at The Kelsey

From the Bay Area, Allie Cannington is a white, Jewish, queer, disabled activist and organizer. Since gaining access to movements for disability rights and justice over ten years ago, Allie has organized people with disabilities on local, state, and national levels, always centering on people with disabilities who live at the margins, including LGBTQIA, Black, Indigenous, people of color, low/no income, and youth with disabilities. As Senior Manager, Allie leads The Kelsey’s policy and advocacy efforts to advance disability-forward housing solutions at the state and federal levels.  As Allie also spearheads community engagement initiatives for our housing pipeline, they work to ensure that the change we create is co-led by diverse and multiply marginalized disabled people. Within and outside of The Kelsey, Allie’s work is ultimately dedicated to unveiling everyone’s proximity to disability and to fueling justice movements that are intersectional, sustainable, and intergenerational.