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Opening Doors Together Conference

Conference Session Descriptions

Opening Doors Together 2024 Conference: Accessible Housing, A Human Right. Inglis Self Determination Housing of PA Statewide Housing Conference


Please find the descriptions for all the sessions for June 11th and June 12 below.


Tuesday, June 11th Sessions

Session A:

Session A1: In the Zone with Fair Housing

Review housing history and how it shapes our present housing inequalities, barriers with zoning in attempts to build affordable housing, and more.


Session A2: Home of My Own - Understanding Housing Transition and Tenancy Sustaining Services

Lay out both myths and facts about housing options and choice across the Commonwealth for individuals with disabilities. It incorporates stories of people living successfully on their own, in a variety of settings and with a variety of supports.


Session A3: A Focus on Accessibility in Affordable Housing - Challenges and Solutions

Highlights the complexities of funding and practical applications, exploring the mandates on developers to double standard ADA requirements, the impact of this work on residents, and the advantages of rental housing subsidies. The session also explores partnership between a developer and provider of services working together to achieve their mutual goals.



Session B:

Session B1: Statewide Housing Needs—Call to Action! A Review of  Statewide Housing Plans

Using housing related data, ideas and initiatives for housing generated at state and community levels in a call-to-action discussion for housing developers and providers to come up with new strategies to meet the needs for accessible and affordable housing.


Session B2: Landlord Engagement: Investing in Relationships

A discussion on landlord recruitment and retention to increase housing options from the perspectives of a Housing Authority voucher program and an Intellectual/Developmental Disability provider.


Session B3: Creating a New, Sustainable Model for Inclusive Housing

Exploring innovative and inclusive housing solutions for seniors beyond Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) units. Advocate for housing developers to incorporate accessible affordable units into market rate buildings to significantly increase the output, and in addition create more inclusive, vibrant communities. This approach should appeal to private developers who do not want to work with complex and time-consuming government programs.




Wednesday, June 12th Sessions

Session C:

Session C1: Getting from Here to There - Innovations in Rural Public Transportation

Transportation is one of the hardest barriers to overcome when considering housing, employment, etc. This session outlines innovative transportation opportunities for rural communities and discuss how transportation, as a social determinant of health, should be considered when developing affordable housing.


Session C2: Housing - The Cornerstone of Stability

Panel Discussion on assisting re-entrants to secure safe and affordable housing, including information on Homeless Assistance Programs (HAP), Re-Entry Assisted Community Housing (REACH) and Justice Bridge.


Session C3: Independent Living Apartment Units - Innovative Collaboration with Affordable Housing Developers

Learn about the Arc of Philadelphia’s Housing Initiative that creates housing opportunities for people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID), working specifically with PHFA homes. No more than five (5) residents with ID are supported by the Initiative in each building. As a result, residents with ID will live within an integrated, diverse community.



Session D:

Session D1: Hoarding Disorder: Sustainable Solutions

Those with hoarding disorder often risk losing affordable housing due to their mental health diagnosis, leading to people becoming homeless or at risk of homelessness. The JFCS Hoarding Support Program supports property managers, landlords, and other residents of subsidized housing building to avoid infestations and other related sanitary/safety concerns that come along with highly cluttered spaces if hoarding disorder is approached through a mental health lens.


Session D2: Stronger Together - A Coordinated Effort to Combat Homelessness

Explore the Coordinated Entry approach to homelessness, and how it connects individuals to services and housing providers.


Session D3: Removing Home Repair Barriers For Home Modifications Through Strategic Partnerships

Discusses the repair barriers that preclude homeowners from accessing their insurance home mods benefits and how partnering with other agencies listed provides assistance in remediating the barriers. Will discuss how collaborations started, the work, and lessons learned. Rethinking accessibility beyond traditional modifications through construction and modification strategies that build from client-centered approaches and inclusive design and partnerships will also be discussed.


Please note, all session information and sessions themselves are subject to change without notice.