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SDHP Conference - Housing as a Human Right

Conference Session Descriptions

Below you will find descriptions for all May 9th and 10th breakout sessions.

Breakout Session A:

  • Session A1 - Housing and Support Options for People with Intellectual Disabilities 
    • Join us to hear how four unique panelists have approached housing for individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) with the desire to meet people where they are and allow for independence and choice in housing - no matter who you are. Make sure to bring your questions to this open panel as we encourage open discussion on best practices and education within the housing and disability systems. 

      Moderator: Jessica Pardo and Heidi Niebauer, Regional Housing Coordinators at SDHP 

      Speakers: Frank Bartoli, President and CEO, Sophia Mazaleski, Director of Programs, and Jessica Strackbein, Housing Services Director all from NEPA Inclusive; Merissa Sandusky, Interim Residential Program Director at Croyle-Nielsen Therapeutic Associates; Season Jackson, Account Executive and Christina Lawley, District Manager-Pennsylvania at SafeInHome; Amy McCann, Program Director at Carousel Connections 

  • Session A2 - County-Level Strategic Planning Around Housing
    • Hear from counties who have worked on collaborative strategic plans, including what worked, pitfalls, and ideas for starting your own strategic planning.

      Moderator: Heather Slaughter, Regional Housing Coordinator at SDHP 

      Speakers: Dan Carney, Executive Director at Union Mission and Co-Chair of Westmoreland Housing Alliance Team; Dina Ciabattoni, Continuum of Care Coordinator of Beaver County; Shelby Nauman, CEO of Tenfold and Co-Chair of the Lancaster Coalition for Sustainable Housing 

Breakout Session B:

  • Session B1 - Mental Health and Safe Housing
    • It can be hard to engage with someone we may not understand.  For those with mental health challenges, finding landlords who are willing to engage with them is even harder.  This session will illustrate the challenges in finding and keeping stable housing for those with mental health disabilities, as well as share some tried and true strategies to plan for success.

      Moderator: Payton Vinson, Program Development Specialist at Inglis 

      Speakers: Jaimee Moshe, Senior Director of Programs at Inglis Community Services; Maria Bell-Randolph, Director of Care Management and Behavioral Health Services at Inglis Community Services 

  • Session B2 - Modification and Repair: Investing in People, Housing, and Community 
    • Learn home modification basics, and then hear from a professional home assessor, a contractor with years of experience modifying homes, a participant in Inglis' own home mods program, and a home modification leader from a CHC-MCO. Learn how to create the best team and navigate resources to obtain the most appropriate and person-centered home modification possible.

      Moderator: Lynn Stewart-Krieger, Environmental Accessibility Specialist at Inglis 

      Speakers: Bill Culwell, Vice President at Accessibility Solutions 360; Kevin Huwe, Administrator of Community Programs at DON Services; Pierce Robinson, Manager, Innovation Portfolio EST at UPMC Community HealthChoices; Todd Gladfelter, chainsaw carving artist, person living with spinal cord injury; Cindy Ross, author and caregiver 

Breakout Session C:

  • Session C1 - Pitch Your Niche: Accessible Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion
    • Come meet last night's Pitch Your Niche showcase winners and learn more about their successes, pain points, and areas of learning as they grow their businesses.  Attendees will gain a better understanding of how to harness the power of a great idea and turn it into profit. Topics will include accessibility, funding, and ideas for change. 
  • Session C2 - Housing and More: A Focus on Services and Successful Reentry
    • Learn from those doing the work. Our panel will share best practices in supporting returning citizens. Creating partnerships with supportive service agencies including; education and vocational training, mental health management, and housing counseling. 

      Moderator: Dawn Edwards, Regional Housing Coordinator at SDHP 

      Speakers: Shawn Johnson, Housing Coordinator at Department of Corrections Region 1; Kellie Crawford, Senior Human Services Case Manager at Cumberland County Aging and Community Services Homeless Assistance Program; Ashley Rohm, Coordinator, Cumberland County Adult Reentry Program; Bruce Quigley, Development Director at Union County Housing Authority, Justice Bridge Program; Mindy Rickabaugh, Coordinator of Reintegration Services at Goodwill of Southern Alleghenies 

Breakout Session D: 

  • Session D1- Step-by-Step: How to Develop a Co-op
    • Due to the overwhelming amount of interest in last year's session on co-op's, we have enlisted Keystone Development Center to speak further about action steps that can be taken to starting a co-op, in addition to reviewing what housing co-op's are and why they are beneficial. This session goes beyond traditional affordable housing options to suggest a viable alternative. 

                  Moderator: Kate Thornburg, Regional Housing Coordinator at SDHP 

                  Speakers: Mathew Forth, Cooperative Developer at Keystone Development                        Center 

  • Session D2- Accessible Design for All 
    • Come learn about the concept of designing all products and the built environment to be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.  Universal design is the design of buildings, products or environments to make them accessible to people, regardless of age, disability or other factors. It addresses common barriers to participation by creating things that can be used by the maximum number of people possible. 

      Moderator: Robin Reed, Regional Housing Coordinator at SDHP 

      Speakers: Nancy Bastian, Managing Partner at Cecil Baker & Partners Architects; Fatimah Aure-Director of Field Building & Capacity at The Kelsey.    

Please note, all session information and sesssions themselves are subject to change without notice.